Third Trimester Maternity Faves

Happy Friday!

I'm super happy to be cranking out a third post in a week which can only mean two things: I'm caught up on the holiday rush and our amazing production assistant Christiana is back from maternity leave! Man we missed her, but she has the cutest new little baby boy to snuggle, so we're happy to share her!

I honestly thought nobody read here anymore since I've so shamefully neglected it, but you ladies sent me the nicest emails and messages about last week's second trimester round up that I was so pleasantly surprised! Since maternity style is no joke and we can all use all the tips we can get, I thought I'd share a few of my favorites that have been serving me well so far in the third trimester.

The third trimester for me is all about comfort, trying to retain some semblance of myself, and adding in a few pieces that will hopefully be useful in that saggy, awkward postpartum period.

I've already sung the praises of my two pairs of maternity jeans, both dark and distressed. They're both Liz Lange brand from Target and both full panel. I don't waste my time with anything that's a half panel...they just give me a muffin top and I'm really not interested in adding any more lumps and bumps than I need to. They're also my favorite for helping smooth things out and hold things in after baby is born and getting back into my regular jeans is many weeks out.

This was a date night outfit from a couple weeks ago and I had completely forgotten about this old H&M tunic stuffed in the back of my closet. It's a stretchy ribbed knit, generously sized, and I'm sure that there are several current versions floating around the store now. This is a perfect example of something I'll reach for after baby is born. It will have plenty of room and cover my bum when I just want to wear maternity leggings. This is a perfect example of how some comfy heels can really change up an outfit...I was running around all day in this with some nude flats and it was super easy to take to date night.

This is what I'll wear for drop off and a coffee date with a friend. Pregnancy is one of the only times I think fitted tees and tanks are flattering on me, so I really embrace them while I've got the cute baby bump.

Flats are my friend right now (not like I was a huge stiletto wearer before!) but my Tory Burch flats are on heavy rotation for both their comfort and versatility. They're a splurge for sure, but I wear them constantly and also love this dressy version that I snagged last year for slightly more formal occasions when I just can't bring myself to wear heels.

Speaking of flats, I recently ordered two pairs from Asos. One with cute bows on the toes and another with a gem detail mini heel that I'm super excited to try! New clothes during the third tri aren't my favorite thing to purchase, but new accessories do wonders for my outfits and state of mind!

Old Navy Cardigan | Old Anthropologie Scarf

Last week I sung the praises of the duster cardigan and I'm wishing I had more every day. They are just the perfect finishing touch to my basic  (and reliable) outfit  of a fitted tank and leggings. Toss on a cardigan and a scarf and suddenly you've got an outfit, not just sleepwear. I'll use these like crazy after delivery too. I'll just be swapping the fitted tank for a boyfriend fit tee! This particular style is out of stock at Old Navy but you can find them everywhere and Nordstrom Rack in particular has lots to choose from lately.

This right here is what I like to call a "panic purchase". I had a baby shower, no dresses that fit and were appropriate, and I found myself suddenly very grateful for the two day shipping option. Mercifully it fit and despite being maternity, I'm planning on wearing this when I've got my pre-baby figure (as much as that can happen) back. It's such a classic wrap silhouette and it's crazy comfortable. 

I'm also wishing I'd discovered this brand earlier, because their maternity options are really gorgeous.

So there you have it. Nothing earth shattering, but truly, comfy tanks, tops, and cardigans with leggings and full panel pants are what I'm looking at these days. I've gained ten pounds so far with this pregnancy and while I haven't gained as much as with Olivia, I'm starting out heavier (gotta love that emotional eating post-miscarraige), so I think it kind of evens out. I've also never been a teeny tiny pregnant belly pops out early and large so no more shift dresses for me until Spring!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend filled with holiday fun!

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