Second Trimester Wrap Up

Well so much for blogging semi regularly. Whoops.

There's so much I want to sit down and chat with you all about in terms of this pregnancy so far, but there are never enough hours in the day and with the busiest retail season of the year in full swing, WC is eating up more of my time than ever!

So I thought I'd drop in with one big round up, including some favorite maternity pieces and products at the moment, and spill all the riveting details of my second trimester with baby girl!

I'm well into the third tri as of this week (though I started drafting this at 27 weeks) and hitting the third trimester felt like a huge milestone! Honestly, every week has felt momentous in its own way, with each week bringing us closer to the end of what's been an anxious time for us. I'd really like to take the time to dedicate a post to pregnancy after a loss (or losses) and hope I'll follow through after she's born because it's really been a unique experience for Ryan and me. We've grown a lot but can honestly say we want to fast forward and just have her here safely.

In the meantime though, staying busy is a huge help and we've had no problem doing that!


As of my most recent doctors appointment, I'm up 10.5 lbs in 31 weeks and baby is measuring a healthy 3 lbs, 12 oz. Sciatic pain has finally said it's (hopefully final) farewell, and heartburn and sleepless nights are the name of the game right now. Morning sickness really stuck around until 24 weeks and is making the occassional comback, but otherwise I'm feeling really well, just BIG. I've told Ryan and Olivia that from now on, whatever gets dropped on the floor is staying there. The end.

Maternity Wear:

I actually love maternity clothes.

I am especially fond of two words: FULL. PANEL.

It's full panel pants or nothing at all around here, my friends. If I can't pull the waistband clear up to my bra line, I walk away. A couple pairs of maternity pants are really the anchor of my maternity wardrobe, and since I'm not working in a professional environment like my pregnancy with Olivia, I've been able to work a lot of my existing tops into bump friendly wardrobe (with my trusty full panel jeans of course). I don't plan on buying a ton of things, just rotating my tried and true pieces with different shoes and other accessories.

The two pairs of jeans you're seeing in these very high quality selfies are both from Target and super comfy. Just like in my non-pregnant life, I think a distressed pair of denim and a dark pair are staples.   I'm wearing them with older non-maternity tops, though I have ordered this pink sweater and this star elbow patch sweater from Asos!

Also being heavily rotated, is leggings and swing dresses. I'm wearing a couple pairs of leggings from pre-pregnancy under the bump as well as any full panel pair I find (I'm not picky).

I'm still singing the praises of the Old Navy jersey swing dresses. Short sleeve with a long duster or long sleeve on its own. As winter finally arrives in Texas I'll wear these with booties and sweaters and tights (assuming I can get someone to help me get them on).

I'll rely heavily on these postpartum as well because the price can't be beat, they're always coming out with new colors, and they're really flattering and versatile.


Since lathering myself with every oil, butter, and cream under the sun last time didn't seem to help me prevent any stretch marks, I've basically given up on those. Outside of regular moisturizing, I'm not swearing by a stretch mark prevention product, but AM swearing by some other goodies!

I didn't have one with Olivia and didn't know what I was missing. I'm not sleeping super well to start, and when I don't drag the snoogle out, I sleep even more poorly. 

Since this little lady (and all gestating babes) take everything you eat, drink, and put on your skin, my skin has been a little parched despite the 100+ oz of water I'm chugging daily. It's been tough to find skin care products that meet my two requirements of being pregnancy safe and non-time consuming to work into my very short evening routine (I'm tired!), but this is both.

You can use this morning or night for just 10-20 minutes as a mask or leave overnight as a heavy duty moisturizer and it has been a game changer that I'll continue to swear by post-pregnancy. It gives my skin this fabulous glowy quality and I'm all about that. 

I also like to toss on a pair of these amazing gel patches in the mornings I'm feeling extra sleep deprived...those don't hurt either.

Since my break out prone skin tends to get even testier when you throw buckets of hormones at it, I'm loving the La Roche Posay Effaclar cleanser for telling it to calm the hell down. It's salicylic acid free ,so safe for pregnancy, and with consistent use does a good job of kicking the breakouts to the curb.

4. Probiotics

Wanna talk about something sexy? Pregnancy obviously brings all kinds of digestive delights and when all my usual tricks (Colace, how I love you) weren't doing the job, adding a daily probiotic made a huge difference. There's no need to discuss this at length, just trust me.

Again, not something that needs discussing at length, but the girls grow, ok? I loathe bra shopping, don't have the patience for trying a hundred styles, and I'm so touched out by my 4 year old on a daily basis that I'm not about to let some stranger at Victoria's Secret start measuring my ever growing girth. Enter Amazon.

These seamless bras are nursing bras so they pull double duty for after the babe is born and they are so stretchy and comfy that they can handle a little growth here and there.  Don't trust me? The reviews don't lie.  Neither does the price...3 for $25? Sign me up. Again.

Anything I'm missing?

Now that the Black Friday rush is over, I'm hoping to snap a few photos of her finished nursery and share them here, as well as some of the holiday fun we've got planned! Thanks for hanging in there with me during this crazy time!

p.s. this post does contain affiliate links, but only to things I love and own. Promise.

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  1. It sounds like you're handling pregnancy after loss the same way we are. We just want to fast forward!


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