Annual Macaron by Patisse Pop Up

One of my very favorite Willow Crowns related things to do is pop up shops. There's something so fun about getting out from behind the website, meeting customers, hanging with other small business owners (especially when they happen to be friends), and introducing your products to a new audience!

This Saturday was what is quickly becoming our annual pop up at Macaron by Patisse with my friend Esther from Cuteheads! The venue is chic and gorgeous, the company is great, the atmosphere is relaxed, and we got to hang with some of our favorite customers and their kiddos!

I also want to send another big THANK YOU to everyone who shopped our holiday collection last week! I am always so overwhelmed by your support...I know shopping small isn't always the most convenient but it means so much to me and you're all just the best.


  1. Do you even consider this a blog anymore, or just an extension of your shop? The only time you post anything is when it relates to your business.

    1. I really feel so conflicted about this! As Olivia gets older I feel less and less like I should be blogging about her and our family life, so I've been sticking to WC stuff because it feels "safe" if that makes sense? I'm also feeling a little run down with what's been a tough pregnancy/taking care of our family/running WC so documenting non-business things for the blog just hasn't been a priority! Thanks for hanging in there with me while I figure out what feels right :)

  2. I miss your blog too! But its totally understandable - you've got a lot going on :)

  3. I love reading about your business stuff :) As an entrepreneur myself it's encouraging to see it go so well! You're doing great.

  4. i love reading about your business stuff! im sure you spend a lot of time on it so naturally that's what you're going to blog about! and im sure you help others who are starting their own business. xo jillian - cornflake dreams


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