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I'm here, I'm alive!

No I haven't fallen off the face of the earth, just the face of the blog world. It's all good really, we've just been BUSY getting ready for a very full July, planning out our Fall collection (it's going to be awesome) and planning a baby shower for my little sister! That plus our regular shenanigans, social life, oh and a kiddo who's home free for the summer have made things a little hectic around here.

So here's what we've got coming up (if you're local, mark your calendars!):

I'm so so excited to announce that we'll be live on Brickyard Buffalo a week from today and will run 7/6-7/10. We'll be selling our gold Isla headband at a discount (trust me when I say this never ever happens) and honestly, it's kind of a victory for me! When WC first started I applied to be a vendor and was denied. Womp womp. WC really wasn't where it needed to be and I know now that it showed, so to be asked to be a vendor now, when WC is nearly 3, is super gratifying, knowing that we've really come so far! So if you're just starting out, don't let little hiccups and "failures" get you down. 

Next is our Pop Up at Pottery Barn Kids in Highland Village on July 9th! They're having a nursery event from 4-6 and we'll be there with our favorite baby-friendly lace headbands and maybe even a new bow headband or two! We'll also be bringing our most popular clip sets and will have laces available in all children's sizes so stop by if you're around, we'd love to see you!

Finally for July is the Mamas and Makers market at Merrill House in Houston. We'll be one of over 30 vendors setting up shop from 11-4 pm and I'm totally excited about this. There's going to be live music, food, plenty for the kiddos to do, so please put this one on your calendar! 

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  1. So exciting, you deserve to be featured for all of your hard work Megan!! Wish I could visit the pop up and market!


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