The Camera Roll

Well, the photo situation on my phone has gotten out of hand again. How out of hand? 16,000 +. Yikes.

Time to follow my own advice and move some of them to the external hard drive and free up some space! Granted, they're not just iPhone pics, but pretty much all the photos I take on my digital as well. I do most of the brightening on my phone so my "good camera" photos end up on my handheld lifeline as well. I thought I'd share a few recent favorites before we head into the weekend and I get into pre-launch mode!

Her little yoga pants just kill me. We're gearing up for another trip to Maine soon and this travel outfit will totally be repeated.

I was so happy to be able to spend Mother's Day with my mom and my sister who's going to be a mother in just a few months. We recreated one of my favorite photos from her wedding weekend and I sense a tradition in the works!

My very favorite way to start the day...a little productive work time, caffeine, and a pastry with chocolate (Trader Joe's frozen chocolate croissants are my go to these days).  

Still crushing on the cutting board holder Ryan made me and especially loving the newest addition: this rose gold rolling pin. This shade isn't available online but the gold is and it's gorgeous.

Olivia's sweetness is on a whole new level lately. So is her attitude, but the former is definitely the dominant quality these days.

Poolside margaritas. The constant rain has me wishing more than ever for a repeat of this day a couple weeks ago. Come on, Summer!!

I'm stepping up my gardening game in our backyard (finally, it's only been three years) and these hanging plants were an easy place to start! I got the shepherds hooks on Amazon as a 4/$20 deal and they're great!

When I  moved our bar stuff to the built ins, I moved the bar cart to our bedroom! I'm not sure if it's there to stay, but it's having fun hosting a pair of heels and some decorative accents! 

Ice cream dates and her recent affinity for rainbow sprinkles.

Did you know I have a twelve year old? Seriously, she looks so grown up lately and I'm constantly vacillating between loving and hating it. 

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! See you Monday for a look at the entire Willow Crowns Amereicana capsule that's launching at 10 am CST on Tuesday!


  1. Where are your daughter's yoga pants from? Too cute!

  2. those little yoga pants are adorable!! xo jillian - cornflake dreams


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