Heat Proof Summer Hair

After 3 years of Texas living, I've finally figured out what works for my hair in the brutal Houston humidity. My hair tends to fall flat, lose curl, and frizz when the temps start to climb, and it's honestly not my best look. 

It doesn't take much, but I've found a few key products (and styles) that never let me  down! 

Headband | Redken Spray | Frizz Ease Cream | Hairspray | Dry Shampoo

A lot of days I don't even bother to use heat at all. I love braids, tucks, and topknots during the Summer months and I'm obviously partial to headbands. Gold is my favorite for the Summer months and the gold Blake (pictured above) is super versatile and perfect for dressing up a simple style or just keeping the frizz and baby hairs under control. Some super easy style tutorials can be found on our You Tube page (including how to create the perfect top knot!).

Now let's talk products.

If I decide I'm going to go to the trouble of curling (or straightening) my hair, there are two products I always turn to! Priming products are awesome (Living Proof's Perfect Hair Day is one) but they won't do what this Redken Iron Shape 11 spray does. Spray evenly from midshaft to the tips of your hair, comb through and wield that flat iron/curling iron (my favorite is this Hot Tools 1 1/4").

 I somehow thought it would be a good idea to rock fully curled hair on a 90 degree day at Sea World (dumbest idea I've had in a while) and while my neck was sweaty and it was anything but practical, those curls held. After 8 hours I still had some shape to my curls and while I won't be looking to recreate that particular hair scenario again, it proves my point. So if you've just gotta style for a wedding, baby shower, bridal shower, or hot date, this won't let you down.

Once the curls are there to stay or your hair is perfectly straight, it's time to tame the flyways and frizz. John Frieda's Secret Weapon Touch Up Creme has been in my repertoire for years! It's really light weight, a little goes a long way, and it doesn't smell like anything crazy. I run a dime size amount between the palms of my hands and gently smooth it over my hair, again going midshaft to the tips. I try to avoid putting product on the roots in the hot weather, since sweating and humidity can make it sticky and look oily. The only exception? Dry shampoo and this is my fave. It's cheap, available at Target, comes in large quantities, and works like a charm.

Finally, lock it with Elnett. Were you to come to my house (please don't, it's probably covered in legos) you'd find three cans residing in my vanity at all times. I can't risk running out. The hold is soft but serious and in conjunction with the touch up creme, keeps frizz locked out. I use this even when I'm not using heat, it keeps my topknot looking flawless, braids from fraying, and basically is my holy grail hair product. Too effusive? Never.

So here's to good Summer hair, may we all have it!

p.s. Thank you all SO much for an amazing Fourth of July WC launch! We love you all so much!

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