Small Business Series: Meet the Willow Crowns Team

Hey, friends!
With things around the Willow Crowns studio being busier than ever, I realize that I've sort of dropped the ball on keeping all our new friends and customers up to speed! I find myself realizing that every day there are new people who find us that don't know we have a free shipping code, that we sell adult pieces, or that our team is actually spread across different states! So in the sprit of keeping things current, I thought it would be fun to introduce our full team, including a few words from these ladies about themselves!

I'm so lucky to work with some seriously talented and handy women. It's hard to believe that two years ago it was me and my kitchen table and now there's four of us who keep the WC ship afloat!

Yep, that's me. I'm still making all our seasonal pieces, doing the marketing, shipping and fulfillment, and basically just trashing the studio on a daily basis.

Cait is our seamstress out of South Carolina! If you've ordered a turban wrap, it's been expertly sewn by her. She is a total superwoman with a little guy running around, a full time job, blogging, AND she lends us her masterfull sewing skills. For that, we're all thankful!

Stephanie is our online wizard out of South Carolina. The listing descriptions, and listings in general all come under her watchful eye. Making the site look cohesive, easy to navigate, and aesthetically just right is no easy task, but she's got it nailed. She's also my official sounding board, giving me her insights and opinions when we design new collections and she's the very first person I trusted to officially join the team back in September '14. 

Christiana is our my beloved production assistant. Every single lace piece that leaves the studio is handmade by Christiana. Without her, WC grinds to a halt (no pressure, C!) and she keeps our two business day shipping policy on time. She's just down the road from me and is a master at getting those lace pieces whipped up in no time!

I obviously think we've got the best team around and love that we're all mothers who are pursuing our own interests, providing for our families, and showing our kiddos how to strike that balance.

I hope you enjoyed meeting our crew!


  1. Hi -
    Where can a girl find that free shipping code? I've been a customer for a couple of years and didn't realize that existed!

    1. Of course! It's FREESHIP50 on orders $50+! You can sign up for the newsletter too (click the "stay in the loop" link on to stay in the know!!

  2. You are rocking it with Willow Crowns, friend! Seriously I don't know how you all do it! Love being a part of the team :)

  3. Did you do a post about how you got WC started? I would love to know!

  4. Cute mamas! I just love how much your little business has grown! You're inspiring!


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