Pizza On The Grill

Fresh off a long weekend, and no idea what day it is? Yep, that's me.

In addition to being a little sunburned and slightly confused, I'm hungry (as always) just thinking about today's post! We've been grilling pretty regularly since the warm weather rolled in, and one of our favorite discoveries has been pizza on the grill!

It's a breeze to make, you've probably got tons of ingredients on hand (we're partial to ranch, buffalo sauce, and whatever we can find for meat) and the crust is great for making in advance and pulling out when you're feeling uninspired at dinner time.

We love this dough and usually mix it up early in the day, giving it several hours to really rise. The longer you let it rise, the softer it will be on top, while still being crunchy on the bottom.

We spray some tinfoil with nonstick spray, put the rolled out dough on (we get about two 8" crusts per packet of mix), and brush on a little olive oil.

I keep a bunch of grilled chicken breasts in the fridge most of the time for easy lunches, snacks, etc and they're great to toss up and and throw on a pizza with some fresh mozzarella. 

Then we literally just toss the foil on the grill, let it sit for about 7 minutes, and it's done! The fire really brings out the flavor and it's hardly any mess, easy clean up, and just perfect for summer nights. 


  1. Looks good! Thanks for sharing :) What do you use for sauce? The buffalo, ranch, etc or do you use a tomato sauce?

    1. We use them all! I usually do tomato with chicken and mozzarella, but if I'm going to do a buffalo pizza I'll mix hot sauce and ranch together to make the base and then drizzle the hot sauce on top of the toppings at the end!

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  3. This looks great. We started making our own pizzas a few years ago, but always stick to the oven. Don't know why we never thought to make them on the grill. Will definitely be trying this sometime soon!

  4. I love making grilled pizzas-it's a summertime staple!


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