Pizza On The Grill

Fresh off a long weekend, and no idea what day it is? Yep, that's me.

In addition to being a little sunburned and slightly confused, I'm hungry (as always) just thinking about today's post! We've been grilling pretty regularly since the warm weather rolled in, and one of our favorite discoveries has been pizza on the grill!

It's a breeze to make, you've probably got tons of ingredients on hand (we're partial to ranch, buffalo sauce, and whatever we can find for meat) and the crust is great for making in advance and pulling out when you're feeling uninspired at dinner time.

We love this dough and usually mix it up early in the day, giving it several hours to really rise. The longer you let it rise, the softer it will be on top, while still being crunchy on the bottom.

We spray some tinfoil with nonstick spray, put the rolled out dough on (we get about two 8" crusts per packet of mix), and brush on a little olive oil.

I keep a bunch of grilled chicken breasts in the fridge most of the time for easy lunches, snacks, etc and they're great to toss up and and throw on a pizza with some fresh mozzarella. 

Then we literally just toss the foil on the grill, let it sit for about 7 minutes, and it's done! The fire really brings out the flavor and it's hardly any mess, easy clean up, and just perfect for summer nights. 

A Week of Wear

I am so ready for the long weekend! Ryan has four days off and tomorrow we're kicking off the holiday weekend with a trip to Sea World in San Antonio. Olivia can't get enough of sea creatures lately (thanks, Octonauts) and I know she's going to flip.

The weather in Houston over the past couple of weeks has been mostly gray and rainy, but we've had a couple really gorgeous days this week to compensate! I mixed up some tried and true favorites with a few new pieces this week and only once did I find underwear from the dryer stuck inside my pant leg. So there you go.

J Crew Factory Shorts (so comfy and now $20) | Target Top | Target Sandals (my fave nude sandals ever!)

Old H&M Sweater, Old Loft Romper | Jack Rogers Sandals | Old Navy Purse (on major sale!)

While I wasn't wearing this dress out and about today, I did splurge on it (and so happy I did!) for some summer events we have coming up. The color is the perfect periwinkle and the lace detail is amazing.

A fun little note about this Urban Outfitters hat: it's knit! It's perfectly packable and just the right size and shape!

Say hello to the ultra-flattering and lightweight dress I'll be wearing all summer. I love a black shift dress because the options to accessorize it are endless and this one from Old Navy has the perfect price tag.

Boozy Built In Bookshelves

Our nearly 25 year old house has needed some updates in the past almost three years we've lived here. I've got big plans for a huge kitchen reno (that space is dated) but in the meantime, we've made LOTS of changes to other spaces (like saying see ya to O's carpeted bathroom floor) and some of them happened within days of moving in. Like stripping the gold wallpaper from our built in bookshelves in the living room. 

Yep. Gold. Wallpapered. Bookshelves.

I didn't really have a plan for the bookshelves other than to immediately free them of their heinous trappings and paint them white. So they've sat relatively unstyled (but white and wallpaper free!) for nearly three years. Whoops.

I finally got the idea to make one of the shelves a little bar area and tidy up and declutter the others. It's pretty nice to hop up during Game of Thrones and pour a cocktail if we're feeling so inclined and the space is just the right size for the job!

Small Business Series: Meet the Willow Crowns Team

Hey, friends!
With things around the Willow Crowns studio being busier than ever, I realize that I've sort of dropped the ball on keeping all our new friends and customers up to speed! I find myself realizing that every day there are new people who find us that don't know we have a free shipping code, that we sell adult pieces, or that our team is actually spread across different states! So in the sprit of keeping things current, I thought it would be fun to introduce our full team, including a few words from these ladies about themselves!

I'm so lucky to work with some seriously talented and handy women. It's hard to believe that two years ago it was me and my kitchen table and now there's four of us who keep the WC ship afloat!

Yep, that's me. I'm still making all our seasonal pieces, doing the marketing, shipping and fulfillment, and basically just trashing the studio on a daily basis.

Cait is our seamstress out of South Carolina! If you've ordered a turban wrap, it's been expertly sewn by her. She is a total superwoman with a little guy running around, a full time job, blogging, AND she lends us her masterfull sewing skills. For that, we're all thankful!

Stephanie is our online wizard out of South Carolina. The listing descriptions, and listings in general all come under her watchful eye. Making the site look cohesive, easy to navigate, and aesthetically just right is no easy task, but she's got it nailed. She's also my official sounding board, giving me her insights and opinions when we design new collections and she's the very first person I trusted to officially join the team back in September '14. 

Christiana is our my beloved production assistant. Every single lace piece that leaves the studio is handmade by Christiana. Without her, WC grinds to a halt (no pressure, C!) and she keeps our two business day shipping policy on time. She's just down the road from me and is a master at getting those lace pieces whipped up in no time!

I obviously think we've got the best team around and love that we're all mothers who are pursuing our own interests, providing for our families, and showing our kiddos how to strike that balance.

I hope you enjoyed meeting our crew!

Braided Half Up Crown Tutorial

I love simple hairstyles that don't look simple, know what I mean? 
I definitely want my hair to look good, but I'm just not interested in spending a lot of time making it look that way, which explains why it almost never gets a blowout and just gets smashed wet against my pillow at night.
I digress.
I've been partial to anything to do with braids lately and the boho vibe they give off, and love this super quick little tutorial for a half-up braided style using the WC Sloan headband. Hope you love it!

A Week of Wear

May is cruising right on by and in true Texas style, we're skipping over Spring and going straight to Summer. We've been bbqing, crawfish boiling, fish frying, pool floating, and summer clothes shopping on the weekends and having the best time doing it. Since Olivia's pace doesn't slow down when the temperatures warm up, I'm reaching for easy shift dresses and age appropriate shorts to help me keep up with her while not looking like I just rolled out of bed.

Be warned: the new Old Navy purse makes an appearance in every outfit.

Old Navy Purse | J Crew Factory Shorts | Jack Rogers Sandals | Target Tank (actually meant to be sleepwear and I own it in three colors) | Target Cardigan

Once again, I can't extol the virtues of this bag enough - it's just so roomy, versatile, and easy to carry! I'm also making sure to stock up on lots of loose, flowy tops to throw on with those easy J Crew shorts and white denim. Any great Summer pieces you've snagged lately?

Loving Lately

I have been wanting to write this post for weeks! The time's just gotten away from me though, with a trip to Maine, a massive collection to launch, and just life in general. So here I am, inconsistent but enthusiastic!

So let's talk about what's good lately.

1. Old Navy Bag

I don't remember the last item I bought that I was so excited about or got so many compliments on...this bag is so good.

I've been toting around my Neverfull without interruption since November but thought the summer would be a good time to give it a rest/seek out a bag that won't be wrecked after a couple days at the splash pad. I stumbled on this during a little Old Navy hunt last month and I'm hooked. It looks so much more high quality than the listing photo makes it seem, the cross body is every busy mom's dream, the color is versatile and the faux leather repels yogurt and nutella stains like nobody's business.

2. Redefine System

Let's detour for a minute and talk about skin care. I'm 28 and have forehead wrinkles, much to my irritation. I'm a forehead scruncher and always will be, so I'm determined to battle my way through with products and persistence to kick those wrinkles to the curb. Since I've had enough sticks with a needle this year to last me a lifetime, I'm opting out of Botox and running into the open arms of the Rodan and Fields Redefine system.

Jamie reached out to me to ask if I was interested in trying out a regimen and I think my answer was : MAKE MY WRINKLES GO AWAY.

I've been using it religiously since December's working. For real, guys.

Tiny little lines are all the remain from some pretty crazy crevices that were calling my forehead home. I'm loving it so much that I've been re-ordering the system as I run out.

So far the mask and day cream have been my favorites. The mask is nice and exfoliating and feels just a little more robust than a standard face wash and the day cream isn't greasy at all and packs some SPF for my sun-hating skin.

Sure, four steps might seem like a lot, but now I don't have to learn how to use the Face Tune app and we're all grateful for that. I'll follow up with another post and some photos of the major skin improvements I've been seeing soon!

3. Self Tanner

Speaking of ghostly white skin...which we weren't, but should be.

My ideal summer beauty routine looks like this:

lash extensions

That's it.

I don't want to do my hair or put on makeup in the summer because it's so freaking hot out and my hair and makeup just melt/we're in and out of the water all the time and what's the point?!

Since my ultra-fair skin takes to sun-tanning like a fish to dry land, I'm a big fan of sunless tanners. I've been buying the Rodan and Fields sunless tanner for nearly two years and it's the best. I like how the foam reduces streaking and there's zero orange color involved. It goes QUICK too, so stock up while it's available!

4. Sangria

Oh, summer cocktails. I'm especially enjoying vodka tonics with a ridiculous amount of lime recently, we made a fun spiked Arnold Palmer a couple weeks ago, and I whipped up this Sangria for a little cocktail hour fun on an especially muggy day and loved it.

I used a Sebastiani sauvignon blanc (use whatever white you prefer!) and added watermelon, fresh mint, lime, and cucumbers. It was a breeze to make and it didn't take us long to polish off that pitcher!

5. The WC Summer Collection

photo by Ailee

The Willow Crowns summer collection launched on Tuesday and it was so much fun! Thanks so so much to everyone who shopped and continues to support us. I had a blast making this fun collection and I'm so glad you loved it as much as we did. Sign up for WC e-mails here if you want to stay in the know about our upcoming launches! 

Willow Crowns Summer 2016

It's that time again!

I'm so excited (as always) for our new collection to launch and I've had a ton of fun designing this summer 2016 collection. I had bright colors, fun patterns, and luxe leathers on my mind when I was sourcing materials and I'm really thrilled with how it all turned out.

Since shopping in a rush isn't fun, I love posting the entire collection a full day in advance so you can see what we've been up to and scope out the all the goods. That way you can have a game plan going into launch day and hopefully make it out with everything you have your eye on!

Here's your first look at the full collection and a look at some of the behind the scenes prep!


I hope you're loving what you see and that you'll stop by the Willow Crowns site at 10 am CST (11 am EST, 9 am MST, 8 am PST) tomorrow morning!

p.s. If you want to get an e-mail one hour before our launch goes live, click here to sign up! We'll never spam you (junk mail is the worst), just give you coupons, launch reminders, and other exciting things!
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