Six Styles in Four Minutes

Last month I spent a fun afternoon with Meg filming and photographing some new Willow Crowns tutorials! I know not everyone has hair as long as mine (though I'm certain everyone's grows faster) and was anxious to get my hands on some short/medium length hair to showcase how versatile our lace headbands are!

Meg put together a great blog post (and boy do I envy her video editing skills!) complete with a video showing you how to get a good hair day in just a few minuets! 

So the next time you wake up and think "why does my hair hate me?" just reach for a lace headband and one of these easy styles. Your reflection on the way to MDO drop off will thank you!

Headbands Featured:

Now I think I'm off to buy a ring light and just walk around with it in front of my face all day. Meg's blew my mind and was better than Botox for my fine lines.


  1. This was so fun! We gotta do something again soon!!

  2. so fun!! love all the looks. xo jillian - cornflake dreams


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