Floral Crown Launch!

It's April and that means spring is here! I'm so excited to be launching our floral crown capsule tomorrow morning because it has me thinking about wedding season, bachelorette parties, bridal showers, baptisms, baby namings, and festivals. As usual, here's a look at the full collection that will be available on the Willow Crowns site tomorrow morning at 10 AM CST (11 AM EST, 8 AM PST, 9 AM MST)!

The demi crown (essentially a half crown) is perfect for smaller babes and big girls alike and is actually the first floral piece I ever made!

The blush floral crown was originally a customer's request last year that spawned so many consequent custom orders that we decided to make it a seasonal staple!

The white floral crown is identical to the blush in everything but color and has been a knockout best seller for the past two years! All our floral pieces are backed in the softest white felt for a comfortable fit and have white elastic closure for flexible sizing. 

The demi crown is our most flexible as sizes go since there's a lot of elastic so if you don't see your size tomorrow, don't hesitate to size down one time!

Finally, the Poppy headband! Available in adult sizes only and so gorgeously gold!

The virtual doors to this collection will open at 10 AM CST on www.willowcrowns.com and I hope to see you all there! If you'd like an email reminder before the site goes live, click here


  1. ok. YES. i need these in MY LIFE.

  2. The floral crowns on little ladies are so stunning! Good luck with the launch tomorrow!
    Evelina @ Fortunate House


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