A Week of Wear

Even more than usual, the theme for dressing lately has been decidedly casual. With the weather warming up I'm reaching for comfy flip flops or boat shoes and white denim is on repeat. It's also repeatedly being washed because no one is sloppier with white denim than me. But that's another story.

All of these outfits are great for running errands, running after the kiddo, working in the studio, and just generally being acceptable for public viewing with minimal effort.

Old Anthropologie Top | Old Navy White Jeans | Athena Alexander Flats

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

The Amelia Headband

For the longest time I've been wanting to add ready to ship bridal pieces to the WC shop and we've finally taken the first step! Our Amelia  headband has been a much loved custom order that was first created for my sister's bachelorette party last summer, but is now listed in the shop ready to ship! To celebrate her release, here's a fun and easy bridal (or any type of formal) hairstyle that can be accomplished in just one minute!

If you're wondering why I'm laughing so hard half way through, it's because my husband is in the background pretending to be a You Tube beauty blogger. I've muted him for all of your sakes, but I think he's pretty hilarious!

A look at the back of this style:

off the shoulder shirt from Amazon of all places!


It's finally Friday and just in the nick of time. This week was weird, our schedule was off, and I'm so ready for a weekend with my people.

If you follow on snapchat (willowcrowns), you may have seen my snap about our second pregnancy loss. A few days after publishing this post, I found out I was pregnant and about a week later we unfortunately miscarried. We've decided to start fertility treatments to help us hopefully stay pregnant next time and are really trying to focus on the positives life has to offer, because there are so many! It's been hard to let go of the reigns and let specialists set our timetable (control freak, party of one) but there's definitely some relief in letting someone else steer the ship for a while. I had surgery on Monday and now that that's behind us, I'm anxious to get back to normal as much as we can.

So here's a look at all the things that are making me smile lately!

New decor for our master bedroom from Hobby Lobby.

Cake decorating with my little love.

Sunset walks and feeding the turtles.

A super thoughtful gift from Ashley and quality time in the studio. 

Flowers (and a visit!) from my mom.

Coffee dates with my favorite people.

Macarons from Sweet .

Flowers from Meredith during our lunch at Brio. 

We've spent so much time with our friends and loved ones lately, went to our first Southern crawfish boil,  have been enjoying date nights, family time, and we've got a few fun projects on deck for around the house!  I hope you've all got fun weekend plans that include a monster sized cup of coffee!

A Creative Corner

Well the struggle for post titles is real tonight, but I can't be bothered to think too hard about it. Most of the time I feel like the days just zoom by and get away from me but talk about a sloooww week. Liv and I had a day that felt slower than the first half of Anna Karenina and we were both grateful for the craft aisle at Target to help us through it.

I really love sharing little spaces of our home as we finish/change them and her craft table in the playroom has been our most functional and used space lately. Since it was freshly stocked and Liv was happily occupied, I managed to snap a few photos before the pom poms started to fly (which in and of itself is entertainment since she's more than happy to spend twenty minutes individually sucking them up with the dust buster). 

Six Styles in Four Minutes

Last month I spent a fun afternoon with Meg filming and photographing some new Willow Crowns tutorials! I know not everyone has hair as long as mine (though I'm certain everyone's grows faster) and was anxious to get my hands on some short/medium length hair to showcase how versatile our lace headbands are!

Meg put together a great blog post (and boy do I envy her video editing skills!) complete with a video showing you how to get a good hair day in just a few minuets! 

So the next time you wake up and think "why does my hair hate me?" just reach for a lace headband and one of these easy styles. Your reflection on the way to MDO drop off will thank you!

Headbands Featured:

Now I think I'm off to buy a ring light and just walk around with it in front of my face all day. Meg's blew my mind and was better than Botox for my fine lines.

A Week of Wear

It's officially my favorite time of year in Texas! It's beautifully warm and sunny without the oppressive humidity and heat that May-October can bring. I've found some new wardrobe pieces that are sure to become staples and have added them to some perennial favorites that have been anxiously waiting to come out of hibernation. 

For: a day of shopping with my mom, dinner out with the family

Favorite Piece: This Target cardigan was a desperation purchase on a day where I dressed totally inappropriately and had to head to an outdoor playdate. I love how it falls straight and has some tush covering length. The navy means that it goes with 90% of the other items in my closet and the weight is nice and light making it a great piece to toss over my arm on the way out the door if we're headed somewhere with AC or it's just a little chilly.

Madewell Dress | Old Shoes

For: MDO drop off, meeting, errands

Favorite Piece: Holy cow do I love this blue Madewell shift. It's lightweight, flattering, and has pockets (SOLD). Oh and it comes in gray. Hello, only thing I'll be wearing this Summer. 

For: Playdate, grocery shopping, and a super glam trip to Home Depot

Favorite Piece: I'll wear these Jack Rogers sandals until they fall apart. They're so comfy, last forever (this pair is a good two years old), and the metallics go with everything. If you're looking for a versatile sandal this Summer, this is my top recommendation!

For: MDO drop off, a day in the studio, errands

Favorite Piece: I've extolled the virtues of the Old Navy stain resistant white jeans before, and I'm gonna do it again. I always go up a size with my white denim so they don't have that weird clingy, see through quality, and these are a great length. I'll cuff them throughout the Summer but they're the perfect ankle length jean for Spring and Fall.

For: A coffee date, a day in the studio, and a playdate

Favorite Piece: While I could talk about the sweater again (I'm just not ready to stop wearing it!), I feel like we need to discuss shorts since warmer temps aren't stopping anytime soon. I don't love shorts personally, but when in Rome. Or Houston. These are from J Crew and I have three different pairs ready for this Summer because the length is appropriate for someone approaching thirty, there are tons of color options, and the elastic waistband is really accommodating on days when I let things get a little out of control.

For: a playdate, errands, and date night

Favorite Piece: I'm still loving this Old Navy dress I bought last Fall. It took a little vacation over the Winter but it's back and in business. It's perfectly swingy, the jersey fabric is crazy comfortable, and the long sleeves are great for days that start out on the cooler side. This version isn't available right now, but I've linked the short sleeve version which fits the same way!

Floral Crown Launch!

It's April and that means spring is here! I'm so excited to be launching our floral crown capsule tomorrow morning because it has me thinking about wedding season, bachelorette parties, bridal showers, baptisms, baby namings, and festivals. As usual, here's a look at the full collection that will be available on the Willow Crowns site tomorrow morning at 10 AM CST (11 AM EST, 8 AM PST, 9 AM MST)!

The demi crown (essentially a half crown) is perfect for smaller babes and big girls alike and is actually the first floral piece I ever made!

The blush floral crown was originally a customer's request last year that spawned so many consequent custom orders that we decided to make it a seasonal staple!

The white floral crown is identical to the blush in everything but color and has been a knockout best seller for the past two years! All our floral pieces are backed in the softest white felt for a comfortable fit and have white elastic closure for flexible sizing. 

The demi crown is our most flexible as sizes go since there's a lot of elastic so if you don't see your size tomorrow, don't hesitate to size down one time!

Finally, the Poppy headband! Available in adult sizes only and so gorgeously gold!

The virtual doors to this collection will open at 10 AM CST on www.willowcrowns.com and I hope to see you all there! If you'd like an email reminder before the site goes live, click here
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