The Camera Roll

We're currently wrapping up a little three day getaway to the Dallas/Fort Worth area and have been loving our time here! I'll post more about it next week, but in the meantime I thought I'd post some photos that have been kicking around my camera roll/sd card and haven't all made it onto the blog or social media platforms yet!

We've had a lot going on lately and it's all been fun. Lots of delicious food, calligraphy classes, lunches with friends, baking and crafting around the house, and quality time together. Not documented are the times I've locked myself out of the house, the box of ice cream cones Olivia demolished in the living room while I put my contacts in, or the underwear that was stuck inside my pant leg during a MDO drop off, but that's really better for everyone. 

Hope you all have an awesome weekend!


  1. aww i loveeee the pic of olivia reading her book. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  2. Your pictures are so crisp and nice! I love your posts like this! I hope you guys had an awesome little trip!

  3. Gorgeous photos! Looks like spring is here! :) xx


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