Rainbow Chip Cupcakes

Olivia's absolute favorite thing to do lately is bake and while it means we have an overabundance of baked goods in our house these days, it's been really fun. After another good day of listening at school I let her pick our afternoon activity and she settled on baking rainbow chip cupcakes with rainbow chip frosting. And that stuff's GOOD.

Her interest, unfortunately, peters off when the cupcakes go in the oven and only returns when they're ready for consumption, so I end up doing a lot of the frosting solo.

I buy disposable pastry bags on Amazon, throw my canned frosting in, and just swirl it on. It takes five seconds per cupcakes but looks like I actually have a clue what I'm doing.

Which I don't.


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  2. Ooh I'm gonna have to try frosting this way! I have less of a clue than you do!

  3. love love love rainbow chip cupcakes !!

  4. Just made these the other day for my sister-in-law's birthday! Delicious!!


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