Well last week was an interesting one, wasn't it? 

For us it was and by interesting I mean couldn't end fast enough.

The combination of the Gigi Detox, Daylight Savings, no Mother's Day Out, and Ryan working late every night just about sent us all to bed crying each night. Ok, so that's dramatic, but our schedule was way off and that never bodes well for my mood. I think my exact words to Steph in one text were "well if you're going to be reasonable, this conversation is over". 


The upside is that we've turned it around, had a fantastic weekend, and our schedule is back to normal this week, which we all needed. Now despite a bumpy week, we've had some good moments and I'll share them here now. Really just so I can document that I did something other than vent to girlfriends and mainline coffee all week long.

Don't let this photo fool you. It was a rough ride over here and Olivia told me at one point "Mommy, you need to be NICE!". Ok fine, but you just tossed an earring in the toilet and poured a yogurt pouch onto the rug because "look, it's snow". Come on.

 We're in full prep mode for our April 5th flower crown launch. The pieces will be live on the site at 10 AM CST so set those alarms!

This week's effort at another naked cake. The daisies are my favorite floral garnish to date! I snapped the whole process over on snapchat (willowcrowns) so I hope you'll follow along to see more of them as they get created!

I'm a little behind on Easter prep, so I'll be checking that off my list this week, but I am putting some new headbands in Liv's Easter basket eggs!

Friday night Traci and I handed our husbands the reigns and got out for an amazing girls night. We had a three hour dinner that involved about four different appetizers, a champagne and St. Germain cocktail, and cappuccino to polish it all off. It was heaven and I waddled myself home after.

This weekend was chilly (now I mean Texas chilly and I know that calling 60 degrees "chilly" is going to get my New Englander credentials tossed quickly) which calls for comfort food! I added some corn to a simple chili recipe from Gimme Some Oven (my go to for easy recipes) and tossed some cheddar cheese and jalapeños in with my cornbread mix to kick it up a notch!

Now tell me honestly. How do you deal with the crazies? Because I know another week like that is going to pop up again when I least expect it!


  1. I'm dying to have some of your "chilly" weather! And I guess I've been calling my son annoying a little too much cause now he's saying me and his dad (and random objects) are annoying... Oops! And the other day he said maybe I need to go in time out and I said please can I, like right now!?! So I feel you... My husband works late a lot too!

  2. I adore how honest you are! Being a mom to a toddler is HARD! We just got through a rough weekend so reading this made me smile!
    Also -- that cake! Wow! What size and type of cake pan do you use?


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