A Long Weekend With Family

In a lot of ways I think we've handled a cross country move and living 2,000 + miles away from all our family pretty well. In other ways....well, sometimes I cry because it's Sunday and I just want to get a Starbucks with my mom. 

The past six months have been pretty crazy and while our families are always there for us and support us unconditionally, sometimes it really hits me that on a day to day basis we're dealing with the curves life throws us alone. So when my parents roll into town and take care of the kiddo, help us fix up our house, listen to me pour my heart out, and just generally make everything feel better, it's hard not to adultnap them and force them to move to Texas. 

Since I have a feeling that there won't be any adult abduction going on, I was happy to make the most out of our four day weekend together and am counting down the days until June when we're together again! Here's a look at some of the things we did...spoiler alert: it's mostly food related.

My mom is all about crafts and fun project with Olivia and my dad is a fantastic cook, so they've each got their special things they do with Olivia and she's come to expect that Papa will make pancakes with her on demand. Or pizza.

My mom and I drank our weight in coffee and talked about all the things while Ryan and my dad worked in the garage, tackling another project on our lengthy home improvement list! 

So now that they're gone, let the grandparent detox begin. Womp, womp. It's also Spring Break week (aka no Mother's Day Out) and Daylight Savings time, so talk about a brutal week to be all off schedule, which means I've crammed our schedule with playdates, projects, and a super fun blog collab to keep us busy! 

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  1. Kudos to you mama - I would imagine not having family around is super hard. Thank goodness for FaceTime right?!


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