Loving Lately : Budget Finds

I seriously love a bargain find...is there anything better? I'm absolutely one of those people who will say "Oh thanks, it was only $10!" if you compliment my lipstick color or something and I know it's probably annoying and definitely unnecessary, but I can't help it! 

I've had a few good ones lately that I just have to share and hopefully you'll find one or two that just have to make their way into your hands!

First up, the face mask I've been torturing you all with on my snapchat (@willowcrowns).

What it is: Bentonite Clay
The Damage: $9

A friend told me about this amazing Bentonite Clay when I was complaining about stubborn pores and it sounded too good to be true. Under ten dollars and a pore purging miracle? Psh.

Sure enough, it is.

 I mix equal parts of this powder with apple cider vinegar into a mask and keep it in a tupperware on my bathroom counter. When my skin starts to rebel (so almost all the time) I mask every other night for 20 minutes and the next day my skin is considerably better. Not to get too gross, but this stuff will take a stubborn blemish and bring it to the surface so it can be extracted more easily.

What it is: Hyaluronic Acid
The Damage: $15

I'd used hyaluronic acid before but somehow it drifted out of my routine and off my radar when Olivia was born and it took a snapchat from Meg to remind me how much I love it. 

I use this under my moisturizer as an additional moisturizer/skin plumper both morning and night and while it doesn't have a big impact immediately, I can definitely notice when I stop using it. It's super moisturizing, lightweight, and help keep fine lines and wrinkles from forming.

The Damage: $7

I read about the benefits of micellar cleansing water and what a champ it is for removing makeup and impurities and decided to give it a go after spotting it on an end cap during an Ulta run. Apparently the micelles in the water pull dirt and other gross gunk to the surface so it's a more effective makeup remover than a makeup remover wipe or water on its own.

I put some on a cotton circle and use it to remove my makeup prior to face wash/toner/hyaluronic acid/moisturizer. I'm super duper high maintenance in the skin department lately but this addition to my routine is totally worth it. It gets so much makeup off that I don't have any left on my washcloth after using my face wash! 

The Damage: $30

Finally, the one I'm most excited about! I seldom switch out purses and tend to use my Neverfull religiously, but I do like a cute cross body for date night or sometime when I'm solo and don't need a giant bag full of miscellaneous junk. This little blue bag from Target hopped right into my cart last week and I've definitely not regretted it!

The color is just perfect for Spring and it comfortably fits my wallet, keys, a tiny hairbrush, sunglasses, gum, and a couple lipsticks, so basically everything I really need. Not the iPad, snacks, and gardening gloves (??) I normally carry. 

I love that all of these things together cost a grand total of $62 and have all become fast favorites. Being able to mix affordable options in with nicer products/items is really fun for me and hopefully there's something here you'll find works for you!


  1. I bought a mask at Target this weekend and it cost me around $15! I want to try this one though. Do you know if you can buy it anywhere other than Amazon? Hope you had a great Valentine's weekend!

    1. Try the grocery store or local health food store! That's where I got mine :)

  2. Great post! I bought the mask and skin moisturizer, can't wait to try. Oh and I am following you on snapchat.

  3. Love that mask! Been using for awhile but not often enough - time to step up my game ;)

  4. I promptly ordered everything but the crossbody after reading this, so thank you! What moisturizer and face wash do you use? I have yet to find one of either that I love..

  5. Obsessed with that bag!! It's the perfect color accessory for Spring!

  6. Love that bag! I never buy anything in that color so I may need to add it to my wardrobe!

    Sara | Lipstick, Lattes & Lunges

  7. Is it true you can't wash off the mask in the sink because it'll clog you me drain?!

  8. Hyaluronic Acid is the bees knees! Thank you so much for the sweet shout out :) I have to get my hands on that bentonite mask! And that bag is to die for. So basically I'm going to get everything in this post.

  9. Okay lady, explain the gardening gloves.

    I need to get some hyaluronic acid, stat.

  10. I totally went and bought that water after you posted it. I have to admit my face routine has gotten lengthy as of late - I blame that on an upcoming birthday!

  11. I love that top in the last pic. Where is it from? Have a link?


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