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While I've seriously slacked on the blog front this week, it's been because the laundry had reached a level I simply couldn't ignore, WC has been super busy (yay!) prepping for our Spring launch, and my in-laws just arrived for a week so we've been getting ready for their visit! 

Olivia's also started to give up her nap which means the evening hours have been a little ugly around here while we adjust, so tonight I'm taking advantage of the best free childcare there is (three cheers for grandparents, am I right?) and having a little blog/bubble bath/face mask night. So here's a look at what's been going on around here!

favorite white wine: Nobilo Sauvignon Blanc

Liv is obsessed with either painting or baking which means our house is getting wiped down and mopped constantly. Constantly.

The weather has been amazing here and I'm loving that we can eat on the patio, usually homemade pizza on Friday nights. I've also been making honey butter lately and loading that and strawberry jam onto toasted sourdough english muffins. Whoa mama.

Speaking of great weather, it's almost sandal weather in Texas! I'm planning on wearing these for date night this weekend.

I've been living in these Anthropologie lounge pants lately, and they make my cozy morning alone time even better! I'm sure it's not sexy to say this, but you're looking at my Valentine's Day outfit. I just don't know that I have the desire to go all out on the 14th, but I'd happily settle for a quiet date night at home with my hubby and a meal I didn't have to make!


  1. Patio dinners? Sandals? There's so much snow here that I forgot what grass looks like. Insert sob emoji here.

  2. mmm.. honey butter. that's all i can think of now.. :)

  3. Sandals and patio dinners... You are making me want to move to Texas! And my gosh your house is so clean and pretty!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I'm horrible with technology and deleted my comment! Your house is beautiful! Where did you get your clear tray?

  5. I need those wedges!! Target trip in my future :)

    Sara | Lipstick, Lattes & Lunges

  6. We have the raspberry jam and love it! I don't dare try anything different ;)


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