A Week of Wear

Olivia picked up a little bug at a birthday party a couple of weeks ago that ended up blowing through our house with a vengeance and almost two weeks later, I'm still not feeling awesome. So as you can imagine, what I've been wearing lately is mostly sweats and no bra which I've magnanimously decided not to share with you. I did manage to get it together a handful of times over the past couple of weeks though and have dutifully iPhone documented for you! 

For: I've been rocking "athleisure" a lot lately which is just another way to say I've been LAZY. I wore this high end little ensemble for MDO drop off, an appointment, the grocery store, and a walk to the duck pond.

Favorite Piece: Both the top and yoga pants are new from Old Navy and I LOVE them. The sweatshirt is lightweight and has a really flattering little crossover detail at the bottom.

Old Navy Sweatshirt (annoyingly not showing up online) and Pants | New Balance Sneakers

For: Same deal, another lazy outfit for a day running errands and running after O.

Favorite Piece: Steph talked me into these pants when she was here in October and I wear them constantly (and have them in black too!). The mesh detail makes them fun and dare I say, sexy? No, I don't. Scratch that. 

For: Date night with Hubby

Favorite Piece: The hunt for white jeans began early this year. Fortunately I had success at Old Navy pretty early on and snagged some of their Rockstar jeans in white. The best part(s)? 1. The high(ish) rise. I like a higher rise because I'm not fourteen. 2. They're stain repellent. Yep, you read it right. How smart is that??

For: A champagne brunch for Ailee! 

Favorite Piece: Gotta go with the white jeans again. Everything I'm wearing here is old, but it's amazing how a new pair of jeans can make it all fresh again!

Another day of errands in an old Anthropologie top with the amazing white jeans again! 

For: A day in the studio and a coffee date.

Favorite Piece: This Target sweater is new, affordable, and (be warned) crazy shrinkable. Don't dry this bad boy, hang it. Despite it's shrinking tendencies, I love the length and it comes in a bunch of colors!

So there you have it, another thrilling week of wear! My hopes for the weekend? To kick this cough to the curb, enjoy some wine with a friend, get Olivia to tell me about her "powers" again (best conversation we've ever had!), and get in a date with Ryan! Hope you all have a good one!


  1. Rockstar jeans are my favorite ever! I have to go look for the white ones on my next day of errands!

  2. You have inspired me to go out and buy the white Rockstar jeans, already! You look Ah-Mazing, btw! :)

  3. I am all about high rise too! I don't know how I ever wore low rise jeans when I was younger. No thanks!


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