A Week of Wear

And just like that it's Friday! 

My go-to uniform of relaxed, comfy tops with my favorite denim has been completely consistent lately, but if it's not broke don't fix it, right? I may still struggle to melt chocolate without burning it every time, but I've got dressing for comfort/function as a stay at home/work at home mom down pat! Here's what I wore this week: 

For: Sunday crepes with Ryan and Liv, a day of cleaning, and meeting Veronika for coffee.

Favorite Piece: I've snagged a few tops from Anthropologie over the past couple of months (as you'll see!) and I've been wearing them constantly. They are just so well made, the styles are gorgeous, and they just really work with my style comfort zone. This boucle sweater was on crazy sale (still is, but not quite as much) and since it's my favorite turquoise color, I couldn't walk away. A little random, but I still wear my maternity tanks (Liz Lange from Target) long after my pregnancy underneath my cardigans because I just love the length and the stretch!

For: Honestly. I don't remember what we did this day. I legitimately started driving the wrong way, realized it, and didn't turn around for five more minutes. Distracted? Yes. So let's assume work and playing with the kiddo? That's a safe bet.

Favorite Piece: Bad hair days call for hats, always, so thankfully this Anthropologie hat is as versatile as it gets and goes with almost any outfit I throw together. I actually can't wait to wear it with my new cream sweater that's two images down!

Older Old Navy Sweater | AG Denim | Sam Edelman Flats

For: Grocery shopping, a coffee/play date, and an casual dinner out.

Favorite Piece: Get ready to see these flats again. And again. And again. They're Sam Edelman and they come in a bunch of different colors so I might have to give these a break and grab another pair next time they go on sale!

For: Morning in the studio, a lunch playdate, and a walk to the turtle pond

Favorite Piece: This Anthropologie sweater is new and ladies. Seriously. It's worth the splurge. As you know, I'll never turn down a poncho, but this feels more like a regular sweater and the embroidery details on the cuffs and hem are just delicate and pretty. It's a nice, lightweight sweater which makes it a wardrobe possibility for at least the next few months here!

For: Drop off, a day in the office, and a quick lunch with Ryan.

Favorite Piece: I think I've instagrammed this sweater before, and if there's a favorite top in this post, it's a tie between this and the Anthropologie Poncho. It's super comfy, and the top half isn't some cheap, flimsy material like some shirts of these style. I always struggle with ruffle hem shirts to find one where the material joining doesn't hit me square in the middle of my stomach (not at ALL flattering) so I sized up on this one to get a little extra length. 

For: Drop off, coffee with Meredith, an appointment, and an afternoon playing outside.

Favorite Piece: It was a little cool this day, so I grabbed my go-to flannel from J Crew! While it's not available in this print at the moment, here's the same style and I promise you'll love it!

I hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. Love that anthro sweater. And the rug in your bedroom!

  2. Ooh please let us know if the flats go on sale! I love Sam Edalman boots and I'm in need of some simple but comfy flats!

  3. Cute, cute!! How do you like your J Brand denim? I ordered a white distressed pair in my normal size and they were suuuuper tight! Ordered the next size up, so hopefully that works out better. Do you find they run smaller for you too?

  4. Glad I'm not the only one to still wear Liz Lange maternity tops when not pregnant! ;) I have a handful of tshirts from them and they're my favs! Great thickness, super stretchy, holds their shape, and extra long. Can't even tell they're maternity!!


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