Willow Crowns' Valentine's Capsule

Happy launch day, friends!

Today we're launching the WC Valentine's Day capsule collection and even though the collection is smaller than our usual seasonal launches, it doesn't mean I'm any less excited!

I always try to give previews of the items available on Instagram but it's hard to show them all sometimes without spamming you more than I already do. I thought it might be fun to start a new blog series on the day of each launch to give you a look at the full collection (assuming you have little ones you're shopping for) and share a few behind the scenes details of each collection (assuming you're interested)! Here are the pieces in this capsule:

We actually started planning this capsule on Black Friday. As we were staying up until 2 AM monitoring the sales that were coming in, we were brainstorming Valentine's ideas because we knew this was going to have to happen fast. The Valentine's Day capsule has the quickest turnaround of any collection we launch during the year. Normally I try to dedicated 7-8 weeks to each collection but since we're busy with Fall, then Winter, and then Black Friday from August - the end of November, it left about 6 weeks total to make this one come together. When you consider that I spend a week traveling for Christmas, it knocks it down to 5 weeks which has to include sourcing materials, making mock ups, finalizing design decisions, and then there's the tiny little matter of producing them all and getting photographs done. Whew!

For this collection, I really wanted to keep it simple and classic before we forge into fun patterns and bright colors for Spring. Valentine's Day isn't even what some people consider a "real" holiday so I wanted pieces that would work for February 14th but would also be accessory staples before and after. With a lace headband and bow headband option settled on, I decided we should go heavy on the clips this time around since they always seem to be the first to sell out and there were lots of options I loved and just couldn't decide between.

This collection is launching today at 10 am CST at www.willowcrowns.com and I hope you love it and this little behind the scenes look! 


  1. Those sparkly clips are GORGEOUS!!! Makes me wish I had a baby girl to shop for! Happy Launch Day!

  2. I love every piece! The leather heart clips are so cute! Happy Launch Day!


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