One Shirt, Three Ways, One Day

Alternately titled, I Looked Forever and Finally Found a Good Plaid Shirt and Now I Wear it Constantly.

I spent the Fall keeping my eyes peeled for a decent plaid shirt and struck out pretty much every time. They weren't long enough or were too boxy, the print was off, or the colors weren't right. Finally, I stumbled across two that I loved and I've been wearing them bordering on way too often. The first is this Old Navy version I'm going to talk about today and the other is this J Crew version that I ordered in a tall and love! They're both boyfriend style which is why I think I love them. They manage to be relaxed enough for my taste but are uniquely not boxy. The perfect plaid shirt combo.

When it comes to my personal style, I like to look like I've got my act together but it has to be functional. I'm never going to run around town in stilettos or a leather skirt, but if I can find a way to make a regular old shirt like comfortable, flattering, and versatile, I'm 100% in. The best example I can think of is yesterday. I wore my Old Navy plaid (this print isn't shown online, but the same style is linked!) shirt all day, but throughout the day somehow ended up styling it three slightly different ways to work with my schedule and thoroughly iPhone documented it. Since I feel obligated to pass along the most basic of style tips, here you are...

Morning: MDO drop off, WC launch, quick manicure, post office, and MDO pick up.

I had a really busy first half of the day that included a lot of running around so flats were necessary. I love plaid and distressed denim together and added the vest for a little warmth and to keep things interesting but still super casual.

Afternoon: walk/bike ride with the nugget to the turtle pond and a trip to the grocery store.

Old Jacket | Converse

I try to get outside with Liv in the afternoons to tire her out for bedtime and to take advantage of the nice weather when we've got it. The shoe change was necessary here since we ended up taking a two mile walk and it was a little chilly so I tossed on an old London Fog jacket I've loved for years.

Evening: Dinner out with my people

As we were on our way back from the pond, Ryan called and said he felt like Tex Mex so I knew I wanted to change out of the torn up jeans and into something still casual but a little more streamlined for dinner out. My J Brand jeans are my go to dark denim and I just snagged my favorite Dune London wedges in navy and now they're almost half off!

This is why this shirt has a permanent spot in my closet - it's easy to update throughout the day to adapt to what we're doing and I'm sure there are even more fun ways to style it like with a pencil skirt for an office setting, adding a glam statement necklace for date night (regretting not doing that now that I think of it), or so many others!


  1. I have been looking for the perfect plaid shirt for well over a year! The one I'm looking for has a bit more black than yours but I still need it to be long and not too boxy. Oh, and doesn't break my wallet. It's impossible.


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