Five Things I Do Daily...

....that make me feel like I have it together.

1. Get up early (ish)

For a couple of years Olivia served as my alarm clock and it was fine, but I had the hardest time waking up while she was wrapped around my leg and it felt like I never had enough hours in the day. Now I get up about an hour before her, make my coffee, check my instagram and e-mails, and it makes such a difference. I get some really restorative quiet alone time, and can take my time waking up. I usually get a load of laundry in or the dishwasher unloaded and it just makes my day run more smoothly.

2. Make the bed

My mom was big on making the bed when I was a kid (still is and has me well trained to wash my sheets on a designated day of the week) and I still have to do it daily. First of all, it deters me from climbing back in and secondly it makes me feel like I've already accomplished something even if I'm still wearing last nights blemish spot treatment.

3. Peel off the yoga pants

If I don't put on real pants most days, I feel sluggish. Sure, my jeans probably have a banana smushed on the butt and my tops of choice are glorified mumus, but it just motivates me to put on clothes that aren't mostly spandex. 

4. Cover up the dark circles

I never noticed how purple the inner corners of my eyes get (how I missed it, I don't know) until the day before my wedding my makeup artist looked at me and said "do me a favor and get some rest tonight". Yikes. Now I know that they're large and in charge and even if I don't put on a full face or mess with my hair beyond putting it in a topknot, I almost always cover up my dark circles. I'm obsessed with the First Aid Beauty concealer ( I keep it in the fridge) and it's wonderful coverage and super brightening! Then when I need to subject the other moms at MDO or the grocery store to my mug, they aren't completely repulsed. 

5. Sit down to breakfast

When Liv gets up, we sit down with her at the table each morning, no matter what. She's finally warmed up to the idea of a solid breakfast which lends itself to some fun morning conversations about how much she looooves eggs. We don't always get to do family dinners due to Ryan's schedule, her evening crankiness/picky eating, etc. so getting at least one guaranteed family meal each day makes me feel like our day has a little more order to it.

My days are pretty nonstop and it used to feel pretty overwhelming until I nailed a few of these things down (especially the getting up early) and finally found a groove that works for us.  Sure, it's nothing groundbreaking and I'm still totally wiped at the end of the day, but it's feeling a lot more balanced lately!


  1. Great ideas! I especially love (and hate?) the getting up early one. I used to be such a morning person before having a baby but now I revel in every second of sleep in the AM because I know I can't sleep in. I think getting myself back into the getting-up-early routine would make a huge difference on my productivity. I'll give it a try :)
    PS - and thanks so much again for doing the interview! :)

  2. All great things. I want to get back into making my bed each morning. I got away from it but I feel like that will help me feel better about the day which is silly becasue I work outside of the home so it's not like I see my bed much during the day but oddly enough I feel like it might make a difference.

  3. I always make my bed, but totally did not growing up. A couple years ago I read in Psychology Today it makes you more productive. I said I would try it for 2 weeks, and now I can't not make it. Granted it is not always in the morning because I am so not a morning person, but usually by noon it's looking beautiful.

    I looooveee that you get up before Olivia. I predict I will one day do the same as I need an hour or so to wake up and adjust in the morning or I have anxiety through the roof, feeling like I can't catch up to the day.

  4. When I made the decision to start getting up before my kids, it definitely helps me feel a little better. As much as it sucks to be up that early (and in the dark), I agree that having that alone time before everyone wakes up is great!

  5. I used to wake up before the little people ... but sometime in the past few months that changed. I loved how much smoother my days went when I was up for at least an hour before them, not only was I ready for the day [dressed, makeup, hair...] but I had had time to read/enjoy the calm before getting them out of bed. I really need to start doing that again!

  6. I always aim to wake up early on the weekends but I just can't. I don't know how to force myself. I set my alarms with good intentions then just snooze them all for a good hour or two. Ah!

  7. Which do you like better- the eye remedy? Or the Too Faced Hangover that you've previously spoke about.
    I'm using hangover right now, but have always had incredibly dark circles... Wondering if I should switch

    1. Eye remedy, hands down! I still love the Hangover product but I'm also using the Becca shimmering primer (since I love their foundation so much!) and that plus the eye remedy is fantastic!! The Too Face product is still great, but it didn't provide any concealing, so I like that the FAB stuff conceals as well as depuffs!


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