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A weekend recap just didn't seem interesting enough to dedicate a whole blog post to (not that that's ever stopped me before), but we've had a busy couple of weeks around here and I finally managed to pull a couple hundred (yikes!) photos off my camera. While I won't be spamming you with all of them (that privilege is reserved for grandmothers and aunts, I'm sure to their delight) I've got some highlights for you!

After weeks of traveling, holidays, and an unnecessarily extended "reacclimation period" (aka lazy, tired, didn't wanna), we're back to eating real food and cooking real meals. O loves helping in the kitchen, whether it's counting out scoops of coffee or rolling croutons to sprinkle on our fish for dinner. She's such a little helper lately and while it slows almost every activity down to a crawl, I'm kind of loving it. Unlike her new tendency to call me "mommy pig" (thanks, Peppa) which I could love a little more.

The weather here has been fantastic lately. It's been sunny almost every day and I'm reminded of why we hang in there during those brutal Texas summers....the winters are fantastic. We've been hitting the playground almost daily, walking or biking to the turtle pond, and taking trips to the zoo with her little friends. The zoo can be such a haul, but it's so worth it. She's old enough to walk it now which completely wears her out, making for a gorgeous nap time, but allows the moms enough time and space to fit in some grown up conversation, something I'll never take for granted again. Just like being able to pee alone or eat all of my own meal!

When we're not outside or cooking, it's crafting. The older she gets, the more her confidence in her artwork grows and she'll be deeply offended if you don't know that blob with eyes and something that sort of looks like red hair is the little mermaid. How dare you.

We've been making some changes to the house, both big and small. I recently gave a clearance find bar cart from Target a white paint job and found the perfect rug and ottoman for our master bedroom. Ryan just tore out the carpet from his long-standing office renovation and the new stuff gets installed Wednesday, which is major progress!

The rug in our master makes a pretty bold statement and it took my eyes a few days to adjust, but I'm actually loving it. Our room desperately needed some color and something interesting to mix things up and this is just the ticket. The Safavieh ottoman was an Overstock find and I love the pale blue/aqua and how it compliments the rug without being too matchy. 

Rug (can't get Rugs USA to load, but it's the SM01 Distressed Stamped Emblem)  | Ottoman

I finally made it over to Veronika's to meet baby Lincoln yesterday! Holy heavenly chubster, guys. He was just adorable and I probably overstayed my welcome because I couldn't stand to put him down. 

p.s. I screwed up and had my ISO up wayyy too high for this one and it could have been so much crisper. Rookie move.

Finally, on the work front, WC launched its Valentine's Capsule last Tuesday and I was a tiny bit surprised by how quickly things flew off the shelves. 

Every collection we grow and I get a little bit obsessive with tracking our growth from launch to launch but this caught me off guard. I figured since it was a pretty limited capsule it wouldn't draw much attention but I was wrong. So we're hunkering down to make some changes for our next launch to make sure we've got more inventory to go around and even more styles to choose from. I started doing mock ups for our Spring collection over the weekend and I found a gorgeous, gorgeous fabric to base the collection off of and it's already coming together so nicely!

I hope you've all been well,  enjoyed your weekend, and have fun things lined up for the week ahead. Now I'm going to hunker down and try to listen to the debate...people arguing back and forth tends to stir up my anxiety, so I'll be balancing out my desire to be informed with a comforting english muffin with nutella and a glass of sauvignon blanc. 

I've got a quick post lined up for tomorrow about how I manage/store all my photos, so I'll see you soon!


  1. Your evening snack speaks to my heart! I'm looking forward to your photo organization post tomorrow. I definitely need help in that department!

  2. I'm jealous of your winters and the amazing light you get in your house! Beautiful photos capturing the everyday!

    1. Thank you! After 25 New England winters, I'm so glad for the change!!

  3. I love the glitter clips that you have pictured above. I know that they have been sold out. I hope that you make something similar in the next collection!

  4. I usually try to have some glitter clips for each launch and we're actually considering making them a permanent addition in the near future, so stay tuned!

  5. I've never heard of putting croutons on fish, that sounds good. You'll have to share the recipe! ;)

  6. Loving the new rug! And the new bar cart turned out cute!!


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