Weekend Photos

Another weekend in the books and now we're a whole week into January, which feels weird since Christmas seems like it was months ago. So far this year we've been focusing on time together, on working on our house, and on living in the moment. 

Our highlights this weekend? We drank about twelve pots of coffee, I prepped for Tuesday's launch, we spent lots of time outside enjoying the gorgeous weather, we relaxed,  got our backyard cleaned up and house cleaned, and Olivia mopped the bathroom floor with water from the toilet. When I found her she just looked up and said "how are you doing, Mommy?". Life in a nutshell, people. 

Our week is already filling up with lots of playdates, the WC launch (Tuesday at 10 am CST!), and I finally renewed my Y membership so I can get back into some reformer classes which I'm really looking forward to. All the Christmas cookies I ate are starting to make me feel sluggish so I'll be putting those yoga pants back to work!


  1. You take the most beautiful pictures, friend! xx

  2. Your pictures make your weekend look so sweet, calm, and beautiful! The opposite of how I feel most weekends. hah. Maybe if I started trying to take pictures like these ones I might feel they are a little prettier than they are? Maybe. Just the same, it looks like you have a nice little weekend.


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