A Week of Wear

Whew. This week is flying by and while I've managed to check a dozen things off my to-do list, the stuffed unicorn that's been in the bathroom since Monday hasn't managed to get moved back to the playroom? Priorities.

We've had some awesome weather lately - cool, but sunny and perfect for outside play dates. My favorite times have been when friends come over to share some wine or coffee on the patio while the kiddos slide, do crafts, and generally raise hell in the backyard. Needless to say it's been a very casual week of wear since I've been working a lot on WC and scooting around town for playdates but I'll share them nonetheless!

For: A day of watching football and errands

Favorite Piece: This Old Navy sweater makes yet another comeback. I've styled it with heels, flats, and now boots. Love it all and can't seem to quit this cozy style!

For: a day at the zoo

Favorite piece: This hat below! I snagged mine from Crystal Faye and think a baseball cap is a must have for a casual wardrobe. It covers my bad hair days but the monogram is just enough to keep it from being dowdy.

For: Meeting friends for a picnic lunch and playground date, grocery shopping

Favorite Piece: I bought this Choose Joy tee after a difficult week and it was the perfect pick me up. Since miscarrying, I knew I wanted to try to get pregnant again right away and it's not exactly been smooth sailing. I needed the reminder to focus on the (many) amazing parts of our lives and to relax and stop fighting this chapter. We'll have another baby when the time is right and I need to choose joy until that time comes. Come to find out, this tee was designed after Kim ( the designer ) had a miscarriage and I just love that she chose to focus on the positives and then spread that message.

For: busy day in the studio and a visit to meet baby Lincoln! 

Favorite Piece: I want to say the vest (because I do really love it) but these standby Tory Burch flats just never disappoint. I was so reluctant to splurge on them, but I've never regretted it. They're worn constantly and go with just about anything. I'm actually on my second pair and found them at Nordstrom Rack for $100 off, so don't forget to look there it you're scouting a discounted pair!

As for the rest of the week, we're gearing up for another big football game this weekend (go, Pats!) which means I need to hit Pinterest again to look up some good snacks/dips to make, and lots more time in the studio to keep cranking away at our Spring collection!


  1. Okay so I have that same scarf and I NEED to know how you got it to look so good and then I need that tutorial :)

  2. I second the scarf tutorial. I'm wearing mine right now and it literally just looks like a giant mess around my neck lol. You style yours so cute!

  3. It was tough to commit to the Revas but I'm so glad I took the plunge too!

    Sara | Lipstick, Lattes & Lunges

  4. I love that last outfit but the story behind your Choose Joy top takes the cake. I love that there is meaning behind it. Stay positive!

  5. Is Crystal Faye out of business..? Their site has been down for a bit and I can't get ahold of them.. :-/

  6. Is Crystal Faye out of business..? Their site has been down for a bit and I can't get ahold of them.. :-/


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