A Week of Wear

I'm so happy to be back in the land of mild winters where my aversion to jackets (deeply seeded from a lifetime of bundling up for the majority of the year) isn't so crazy! I'm loving cozy sweaters and flannels right now and how easy they are to toss on with my favorite jeans and just stroll out the front door. By stroll I mean that we walk out the door thirty minutes later after last minute potty breaks, a twenty minute long period of indecision regarding which princess dress to don, and collecting all our My Little Pony figurines for the five-minute car ride to the grocery store. 


For: First day back from Vacation. The laundry situation? Bad. Grocery situation? Bad. My attitude? Badder. This was comfortable and required no thinking which allowed me to dedicate my limited post-holiday faculties to getting our lives in order.

Favorite Piece: J Crew Flannel shirt - I got the tall for length rather than ordering up a size which I often do when tall isn't an option because I like a little coverage on the bum area. I'm not finding this exact one, but linked a super similar item that's also available in tall. 

For: Errands, meeting a friend for a play date, working at WC

Favorite Piece: This Old Navy Tunic. Funny story...our bags were lost for a couple days when we got to Maine and I needed a new shirt desperately after 36 hours in the one I had on. Gross. I ran to Old Navy because I knew there was a flannel shirt there that I liked and saw this little number on sale so I snagged in on the way to the register. It's a pretty rust color which does nice things for my blue eyes (the humblest of brags, I know), it's nice and long, and a good medium weight for warmer winter days. 

a little p.s. is that these jeans are the *perfect* length for styling with lace up flats, something I've been struggling with!

For: MDO Drop off, getting my car inspected, post office, and lunch with friends

Favorite Piece: I've loved on this Old Navy sweater before and I'm not going to stop now. It's fabulous with heels (seen here) or flats, and is so so cozy. It was in the 40's when we left the house this morning and I just grabbed a scarf, no jacket necessary! Oh and it's almost half off right now.

For: Watching football with Ryan, grocery store, picking up new paint supplies with the babe

Favorite Piece: New nude flats! Because I didn't have enough? I'm the worst when it comes to nude flats. I just gave away four pairs to Goodwill to justify these because I really do love them. I had a pair of nude scalloped flats that gaped terribly at the sides and these are a big improvement (and a long awaited Black Friday find!)

Finally, a friend and I hit the Anthropologie sale this past weekend after stuffing our faces at Ruggles Green and while this wasn't on sale, I has happy to put my gift card balance towards this ah-mazing sweater. It's so soft you have to feel it to believe it, and it's the most gorgeous seafoam/aqua color. This was worn too many days in a row to admit. It's sold out now, but I had to share it in the hopes that it comes back in stock! UPDATE: This is back in stock AND marked down $30! Don't wait! 


  1. I really wish my body type lent itself for so many big and cozy sweaters to be flattering.... because I want all of those right now. They just aren't super flattering on me!! So I will live vicariously through you and enjoy the sweaters.

    1. Hahaha, that's how I feel about those smoky eyes you rock!!

  2. I just wish you could shop for me! You are also making me want to swing by old navy today!!!

  3. Cute cute!! Totally wearing my red Hunters today too ;) And I never thought to order the Tall version instead of sizing up because I like longer length too...I'll have to give that a try. Thanks for the tip!

    1. I'm obsessed with the red lately, so glad I pulled the trigger on them!


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