Under the Tree for Under One Hundred: Toddler Girls

Today's gift guide is all about toddler girls! I have literally no experience with gift giving for boys, but Steph has a great gift guide for little guys up on her blog here if you need some inspiration! 

Since Olivia has a birthday just a few weeks before Christmas, it can get a little crazy around here gift wise, so I try to keep her Christmas gifts affordable and reasonable in quantity. These gifts all total about $100 and we own some variation on all of them (or will be receiving them for Christmas) and they are big, big hits!

The tea set is hands down our favorite right now and the little wooden cups and their tea bags are super cute.  A little wooden camera as a substitute for my DSLR (which she always wants to lug around, eek!) and some puzzles are great ways to kill an afternoon (or ten minutes, whatever) and the wand and wings are a really great, affordable addition to your dress up box. 

This being said, I still need to get the rest of my packages over to UPS to ship them to Maine in time for Christmas! I contemplated packing them, but I'm going to be pushing the 50lb bag limit as it is, so I'm trying not to make this situation worse!


  1. Having to ship Christmas presents in advance really forces you to be organized and get things done extra early! That wooden tea set is so different than anything else I have seen!

  2. I love that wooden tea set! And the camera is perfection! My littles would love these!


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