Under the Tree for Under a Hundred : Mom

Seriously? A gift guide?

Well, yes.

But it's for you. And it's under $100!

My husband and parents always ask me what I want for Christmas and I tend to have a hard time handing over a list because I don't really need anything, and "hair that washes and styles itself" is a hard gift to deliver on. We also tend to spend a lot on travel each year so gifting on a budget is always on my mind. So I put together a list of things I already own and love that are under $100 total that I'd happily receive again!

Let's start with the important things. Coffee. 

Specifically, things to drink your coffee out of. I have an extensive collection of mugs and one of my favorites is this popular monogram Anthropologie mug. At less than $10 it's an adorable gift that's sure to please! Last year when my sister was newly engaged, I gave her a set of 4 with her new last initial to kick off her new kitchen collection and she loved them.

Something I and (I assume) every mom wants is to look rested and like she's got her act together. My favorite ways to do that? Kick ass concealer and a great hat. This First Aid Beauty under eye concealer is the biggest ticket item on my list and for good reason. It's a miracle worker. I keep mine in the fridge for a little extra cooling power, it covers up the purple in the inner corners of my eyes, and deflates any puffiness immediately. 

The proof? Here's an unedited little before and after for ya.

Maybe you're thinking concealer would be an insulting gift? Not for me, I'll take it all.

As for the hat? I love, love, love a hat and a floppy hat is a wardrobe staple if you ask me. It takes a bad hair day and makes it look decent which is critical for a rushed morning drop off, or hectic travel day. This version from Old Navy is on sale for a bargain $14 and the heather gray color will go with just about anything. 

One thing I really believe every mom would love is a dainty, personalized necklace. Mine is from Mia and Mac on Etsy , has Olivia's first initial on it and I've worn it almost every day for the past three years. These are widely available, super affordable, and buying one is a great way to support a small business owner! 

Finally, let's discuss (again) my love for the bluetooth SD card. The 8gb version is just $10 on Amazon. Just download the Flashair app on your phone and you can pop those adorable Christmas photos from your DSLR onto your phone in under a minute. I asked for a couple more of these in my stocking this year because I use it so. much. and would love to have a backup or two. 

So what do you think? Any of these you wouldn't mind receiving?


  1. I have one of those Anthro mugs and loooooove it. And I definitely wouldn't mind receiving one of those gorgeous personalized necklaces. SO pretty!

  2. buying the concealer now for MY stocking ;) xo jillian - cornflake dreams


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