Feeling Festive

As we cruise top speed towards Christmas, we're busier than ever. There's shopping of course (which I'm more or less calling done), cards to send, a pop up shop to prep for, but most importantly, time to spend with loved ones and memories to make. 

One particular memory from this season was a sweet, sweet moment I was sharing with Liv. Just as I was about to mentally file it under "top ten mom moments I've ever had", she sneezed right in my face. Which pretty much shot that moment straight to the top five. So that's the kind of stuff we're loving right now, with a hearty helping of holiday music, cocoa, and a winter hat collection that's completely inappropriate for Texas weather. 

So here's a look at what we've been up to!

pajamas | tea set (her fave birthday gift that was so affordable!)

We're taking walks around the neighborhood every night to look at at the lights, we've gone to a holiday parade, have plans to decorate ice cream cone trees with friends, delivered homemade peppermint bark to neighbors, and have learned that our picky toddler will eat fruit again if you put it on top of something Santa themed. 

While every minute of the day isn't all sugar, songs, and holiday cheer, we've really been enjoying this time of year more than ever. Olivia really gets the idea of holidays and seasons for the first time so we've been taking full advantage of that.

Hope you're all having holiday fun with the ones you love! 


  1. I am so impressed by your Santa pancakes! Looks like you guys are very festive over there!

  2. That photo of you and Olivia kissing is SO precious!! So glad y'all are having such a great holiday season so far!!

  3. love that photo of you and Olivia! so sweet. and i want some santa pancakes! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  4. How did you make your peppermint bark? It looks delicious!


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