Around the House

How is it halfway through December already?? It's been a whirlwind couple months over here, with lots of fun little moments to mentally file away. 

Olivia turned three, complete with a fun, tacky party place for all her little friends to celebrate at! It met my two requirements of 1. easy 2. no clean up. and our local grocery store had the sweetest cake in the window display that she just had to have!

Since my little lady has been getting up at 4 am a lot lately (why?!), we've been staying in pi's for many mornings with hopes of a 9 am nap and some tea parties to pass the time.

We got her this little tea set for her birthday and she's pretty obsessed with it.

We've done the requisite holiday traditions (and enjoyed them immensely) like decorating sugar cookies, driving/walking around to look at lights, and I'm desperate for more places to hide stocking stuffers. I need to ship them off to Maine but Liv has been stumbling on boxes of princess bandaids and magic wands every day for the past two weeks. I'm officially a terrible gift hider.

Finally, prep for our West Elm pop up shop this Saturday has been in full force! If you're in the Houston area, stop by the West Elm at Highland Village from 12-5 on the 19th...we've got make your own clip sets, new embellished headbands, and lots of other goodies we can't wait for you to see. I'm not mad about the best friend time that's going to be happening either.


  1. Where are O's super cute falalala pj's from??


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