A Week of Wear

You guessed it. I'm back with another week's worth of stellar selfies and suburban mom style to toss your way!

For: Coffee with a friend, running errands, and some work meetings while Liv was at MDO. I had major wardrobe indecision this day. The morning was really cool and foggy but cleared and warmed up to 75  by lunch, so I ditched the boots and scarf and tossed on flats later.

Favorite Piece: This Old Navy swing dress! It's available in a bunch of colors/patterns at Old Navy right now, it's incredibly comfy, and easy to style and accessorize. See the spastic weather changes described above? This dress is perfect for that kind of scenario since I don't like to change clothes mid day because I am never as on top of the laundry situation as I'd like to be, so I try not to make things worse.

Hat | AG Denim | Old H&M Sweater | Similar Flats

For: The park, playing with the kiddo, grocery shopping.
Favorite Piece: These jeans are new and I l-o-v-e them, ladies. These were a splurge during the wee morning hours of Black Friday after launching our buffalo plaid collection. It was something like 2 am, I couldn't go back to sleep and these were marked down to $115. Still a lot of money for jeans, but I've been on the hunt for a distressed pair of "investment denim". I love my dark skinnies from J Brand (they genuinely hold up better than other cheaper brands I've owned as well as hold me in better), and a friend highly recommended these AG Stevie Ankle Jeans. As soon as I saw they were marked down, I snagged them and have been wearing them nonstop since they got here! 

p.s. these run a tad small, so size up. Either that, or I tried them on a few days post-Thanksgiving and that was a bad idea.

For: Cleaning (because the background is just woof), meeting friends at a festival of lights parade, putting out our Christmas lights.

Favorite Piece: The Lou and Grey tunic was a totally random find while perusing Loft and it is hands down the most comfortable piece of clothing in my rotation at the moment. I'm wearing a medium and it covers my tush, praise Jesus. The color is this gorgeous soft aqua and I'll probably add the gray version to my ever changing wish list.

For: Breakfast with my people, taking the kiddo to school, and getting some WC stuff done!

Favorite Piece: Jeans. Again. Want to sleep in them. 

Old Sweatshirt | Shoes | Yoga Crops | Vest

For: Cleaning bathrooms (gross but necessary), grocery store (I practically live there), and a playdate with friends.

Favorite Piece: This J Crew Factory vest came home with me last year and I still wear it all the time. It's just the right weight for a Texas winter and goes with almost anything!

One week I'll shock you all with some ball gown or sparkly heel....but it's not this week! Hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. I love that first outfit! And your hair is flawless as always!

  2. i love that lou and gray tunic! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  3. Your hair always looks so perfect! Will you do a post on your hair routine? And every time I see those Hunter boots I want them even more!

  4. LOVE that lou and gray tunic! On the hunt to grab one for myself!

  5. Just bought red Hunter boots so I love seeing how other people style them. Really cute outfits!



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