Well Dressed

We've had our new dresser for almost a year now and it's safe to say it's my favorite piece of furniture in our master. At $250 it didn't break the budget, was a snap to personalize with some new drawer pulls and holds all the knick knacks I insist on keeping on the surface. Since our room was freshly deep cleaned from the weekend (I tend to get a little crazy with the cleaning before new seasonal decor comes out) I thought it would be a good time to share some of the things that have a permanent home on our dresser.

The dresser itself is the Hemnes from Ikea and while I was able to assemble it myself, I did manage to put the top piece on backwards and needed my husband to help me fix it. Whoops. He's super low maintenance and lets me clutter the surface with my odds and ends which I greatly appreciate.

The drawer pulls were a breeze to swap out and I used these bronze drawer pulls from Amazon to give the dresser a slightly different look.

I keep a few go to beauty products handy, including some of the best smelling hand lotion (pomegranate and peony, yes please!) ever. 

Lotion | Gloss (Liquid Lilac Love) | Lipstick (Doutzen's Nude)

I also keep lavender oil handy to diffuse at night. I've been sleeping so terribly lately, so I've been taking melatonin and diffusing lavender like it's going out of style. The little heart box is something Olivia made me for Mother's Day last year at MDO and I'll never throw it away. I keep Hershey Kisses in there and she'll often ask me for one and remind me that she made it.

I don't wear a lot of statement pieces of jewelry but if I mix something up in the accessories department, it's bound to be earrings, so I keep my favorites close at hand. 

I love this acrylic organizer and this small bowl from Paloma's Nest to hold my most recently worn pairs. 

While I don't wear a lot of different bracelets, I do love displaying them! I got this bracelet stand at Marshalls and it's just the right size. Next time you're in TJ's or Marshalls, swing through the home section because they almost always have these in some variety!

A few of my favorite photos make the cut, along with some other dust collectors that have all been sweet gifts that hold a lot of significance.

I got this Texas watercolor by a local artist at Thread (a super cute children's consignment store in Houston) and its something I know I'll keep forever as a reminder of our time in Houston. No we aren't planning on leaving anytime soon, but who knows! We may decide to relocate at some point (I can't even think about the logistics of a move right now!) and I want to make sure we have some unique momentos.

I almost always have flowers on our dresser thanks to the $10 enormous hydrangea bouquets at the grocery store. I split the stems up and can make about 4 or 5 arrangements with them. The vase is Tiffany and was a wedding gift that I try to have on display as much as possible because it's such a pretty reminder of our wedding day! The floral etching is so gorgeous and I'm really in love with the shape.

Olivia loves to sit her little tush on my dresser in the morning and play around with all my jewelry or slather lotion up and down her arms (when she's taking a break from giving me a "bootfiul braid"). There might occasionally be a stack of bills or a half empty box of raisins kicking around on the top, but these are the things you'll normally find on our dresser!


  1. Have you noticed any sagging in the Hemnes dresser? We have it for my daughter and although I love the amount of storage, it has started sagging, which is evident with the drawers becoming uneven.

    1. Lindsay- I have the tall Hemnes dresser, and the second drawer from the bottom sags/is almost halfway out and we have to pop the bottom board back in constantly. My husband tried duct taping it, and that seemed to help!


    2. I haven't noticed any yet, but it's only been a year!

  2. I love Ikea's Hemnes line! I have it in my bedroom too! We got the taller dressers and love them.

  3. Hi Megan! You mentioned in your post that you use an oil diffuser at night. Would you mind sharing what brand you use? I'm doing some reach for a good one and would love your thoughts! :)

    1. Honestly, I bought the first one that popped up in my amazon search! It was the top selling one and I was sold!


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