Weekend Photos

Just popping in really quickly to share some photos from our weekend!

We're headed to Disney World this week for Thanksgiving and to celebrate Olivia's birthday and WC will be (hopefully!) slammed on Black Friday so there's lots to do around here!

We got our tree set up (the first one since we moved here!), took advantage of the gorgeous crisp weather with walks and bike rides, met friends for coffee, ate crepes (twice because we have no self control), drank more coffee, got burgers (cilantro lime turkey burger bowls are my favorite right now), and I worked as much as I could during nap times and after Liv went to bed.

Hope you all have a great week...I'll try to be back once or twice this week with some Thanksgiving-y posts! I've had one brewing in my brain for a while and I'm hoping I can get it typed out!


  1. Have the best Disney world trip!! I'm sure this is a magical time there (not that there's ever a non magical time at Disney!). Looking forward to Willow Crowns Black Friday :)

  2. Your fireplace garlands are so cute! It seems like everyone has their tree up already! I feel so behind!

  3. Your decorations are gorgeous!!
    Hope you have an AMAZING trip to DisneyWorld!

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  5. Have a wonderful trip! Your weekend may have been filled with work, but it still looks beautiful in photos!

  6. Awesome photos! Hope ya'll have the BEST time in Disney!!! So magical!


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