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It feels so good to be back to blogging semi-regularly! Really, it feels good to be sitting in bed with my scary paper mask on (obsessed with these Say Yes pore minimizing Vitamin C masks) and Netflix in the background while I spill my scattered thoughts onto the 'net. 

Tonight's thoughts are of the deep variety: shopping.

I've shopped a fair amount this past month. Insert the cringe face emoji if you feel so inclined.

I like a little retail therapy when the going gets tough and I'm sure I'm not alone.
Let me be clear that I don't recommend a shopping binge as the sole way to deal with a miscarriage....obviously. I've relied heavily on a combination of family, friends, and therapy, and shopping has been the little cherry on the top of my consolation sundae.

Before we forge ahead, I feel compelled to stress that I know that there are some truly terrible selfies scattered throughout this post. Nothing like coming back strong. During my office reorganization trip to Ikea this weekend I added a new mirror for our bedroom to the haul and I hope to improve the situation moving forward.

Now this is what I'm talkin bout.

The sweater was an impulse buy at Target when I saw there was a 25% off cartwheel. It's maybe the only plain red item of clothing I own and I'm really excited about it. It's true to size and manages to hit the sweater sweet spot of being cozy without bulky. I wore this casual little ensemble to Starbucks, Ikea, and the gas station. My Sundays are super fancy.

Another Target find? This gray poncho. 

I love ponchos more than I should. I love that they cover the bum on my leggings so I don't have to wear real pants. That I don't have to suck in my stomach. That I can smuggle three boxes of leftovers out of a restaurant underneath without judgement. I had a vacancy in the gray poncho department (not navy or tan, mind you) and this was a really affordable option. If you're a poncho person (my kind of person) you'll love this.

I was feeling pretty left out of this lace up flat trend. I wasn't feeling so left out that I was ready to spend $70 on them, however, so when Steph told me that Old Navy had this dupe, I literally picked up my bag and walked out the door.

It was just my luck that there was a coordinating pair of little girl shoes in the kids section that snuck into my bag. No I don't mean I shoplifted them. Just to clarify.

See that gorgeous scarf (that literally everyone owns)? I actually bought this a while ago (along with a pair of maternity jeans that have been stuffed into the back of my closet until needed again) and since Houston is finally breaking into the 50s and 60s, I'm rocking that bad boy many times a week. Warning: it's enormous. Warning 2: it's fantastic.

Most recently I've been on the hunt for family photo friendly options. Things that will be re-wearable but can be made seasonal, yet not overly themed. I exhaust myself.

Anthropologie was a great score for me a couple weekends ago and I made sure to use my 15% off code since it was my birthday month. I was on the fence about this white blouse but Stephanie forced my hand and I'm glad she did. Though with the gorgeous tie neck and silky fabric, it didn't take much.

Oh and it's lined. Yes, you heard me, it's lined.

I've been looking for a lined white blouse for what feels like my entire life and I'm planning on wearing this to my girls' dinner tomorrow night as well as potentially our family photos.

This blouse is by Maeve and it's the third Maeve blouse I've purchased in the past six months. I just really love the brand and their super soft, flattering blouses. I need tops to hit me hip length and the pattern on this was just fall enough to be a slam dunk.

Enter Gap Friends and Family.

I used the 50% off five items in store promotion and along with the cutest day of the week underwear (for Olivia, k?) I got this shirtdress thinking it might be a good contender for family photos. I love the flattering look of shirt dresses and once again, the red called to me.

I'm probably most excited about this last one, the Topshop wide brim fedora.

Since I'm in the lazy habit of sleeping on my hair when it's wet, I can never guarantee what the cow lick situation is going to be in the morning, even after curling and praying. Enter my comprehensive selection of hats. This one is a nice mix between fedora and floppy and I can't recommend it enough.

So there you have it, the only things I'll be willing to wear for the next few months. 

Hope you have a great week!


  1. Aren't those Old Navy laceup flats everything? I can't stop wearing mine! I may need to pick them up in black too.

    1. They're so comfortable too! Glad you're loving them!

  2. I LOVE the matching shoes, and you're rocking that shirtdress! I can not for the life of me find a good plaid shirt dress that actually looks good on me, they always are either the wrong length or don't fit my shoulders properly! #firstworldproblems. Also loving that poncho. I need to find a good poncho for the winter... and for post partum ;)

  3. I want that poncho! Right now it's linked to the hat at Nordstrom. Would you mind sending me the link?

    1. I'm such a spaz! I just updated it - sorry about that!

  4. i love the red sweater and plaid dress! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  5. Love this all!!! You are such in inspiration :-) Do you mind sharing the mirror you purchased from Ikea? Thank you!

  6. I've been eyeing that dress from the gap! So cute!

  7. Welcome back!! Can I just say you're absolutely GORGEOUS! Serious hair envy too. :) Seriously, I was so excited to see you back in the ole blogging world! You were seriously missed!

    1. Thank you so much!! The break was needed but I'm so glad to be back!

  8. Can you link to the Asos scarf? It's linking to the Old Navy flats right now. Thanks!!! :)

  9. So glad you're back! I have bought many a clothing item based on your recommendations (thanks/no thanks?) and just went out and grabbed those Old Navy flats today - I love them!

  10. I bought the poncho on your recommendation. Couldn't find it locally but am looking forward to the UPS delivery! You and O&T are killing it in the budget friendly clothes recs lately...

  11. What size did you order in the poncho?


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