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Hey there!

I hope you're all coming into the week well rested from your weekend and ready to knock out another busy work week! I know not everyone is a fan of Mondays, but personally I love them because they tend to be one of my most productive days of the week and I need all the productive days I can get at this time of year.

This weekend we stayed busy with family photos (they turned out so so well, I just love them) with Ailee, I worked a lot on WC while Ryan and Olivia had some quality time, and then we overcaffeinated and binge watched Sunday football per usual.

I thought to mix it up I'd share some photos from around the house lately. We've slowly started decorating for the holiday season and just made some changes that I'm really loving!

The only Christmas tree we own at the moment! I found this wall hanging at Ikea a couple of years ago and this will be the third year we've hung it in her playroom. I put it on a cheap expandable curtain rod and have clear command strip hooks at the top of the wall that it rests on. It's a snap to put up and take down and Liv got all excited when she saw it this year. 

I've had lots of questions about her little puzzle rack and you can get it here! It's Melissa and Doug and I absolutely love this thing!

We had a breakfast play date Friday morning (cinnamon bundt cakes required) and I thought it was the perfect opportunity to swap out the navy gingham runner for something metallic and festive (though it's hard to see here!).

I always love the look of gorgeous tablecloths but with a toddler in the house and my level of coordiantion (none which equals loads of spills) it's just not happening for us. Runners are all we sloppy people can handle and that's the truth.

Our living room is my favorite space at the moment. The addition of our Christopher Knight chairs (such a steal!) have made this space so cozy and comfortable and I recently added the ladder with all our throws to top it off. 

A little bit of greenery on the mantle has made my favorite garland (old, sorry!) perfect for winter. 

This isn't available anymore but I found an amazing dupe here by Creative Co-Op at Nordstrom Rack.

I've mentioned before that I had some aqua accents (mostly in the form of pillows) going in the living room and I wasn't really loving that shade of green with the sage color on the walls. Real problems, right? So I've moved the old pillows to my master bedroom where they're a great addition to my gray and aqua color scheme and replaced them with these. I know these might look boring but they have a little bit of a shimmer to them which makes me love them for the holidays, but I've also really been trying to lighten up our living room and these help! We have really dark leather couches (which I love and wouldn't trade) but it's a tricky balance to strike so that they don't make the room look too "heavy". Make sense? No? Ok, perfect.

There are the pillows!

Even I, lover of pillows, concede that there's too much going on here. So we'll need to adjust, but you get the gist. This room is so light that it really needs some color brought in to keep it interesting and the aqua is a start! I've never really shown the bathroom but we have an aqua accent wall that you can see from the bedroom, so I'm trying to pull that color into the bedroom space a little more.

I've been collecting the Rifle Paper Co. children's books (Little Women is my personal favorite) for Olivia and the most recent edition, Alice in Wonderland, is now on our shelves. To be honest, I can't stand the movie version (any of them) because it just freaks me out and gave me nightmares as a kid (I feel the same way about Willy Wonka) but the illustrations are gorgeous and I hope she'll really appreciate these when she's older!

I love when I can use our everyday things as decor and these red boots are no exception. Olivia is obsessed with them because she can put them on herself and I snagged mine at half price (thanks, Costco!) a couple weeks ago. 

These made an appearance in our Christmas photos and not just because I'm a basic B and love them (even though I am and I do). We took our photos in some seriously tall grass and these came in handy...I threw them in the car on a whim and was glad when the heels from my other boots kept sinking into the ground!


  1. Loving all of this! You are making me want to clean, brighten up my spaces, and start decorating!

  2. Looks so lovely! I love how bright your master looks!

  3. Love it all! Costco sells Hunter boots?! Where did you get the letter pillows?

  4. The window in your living room is everything! So much natural light. I love!


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