Weekly Shortcuts

I love being organized.

It doesn't always happen, but I really love it. Like I swooned over this new storage system in the studio for hours.

The upside of my occasional organization is that it's helped me develop some (totally not groundbreaking) shortcuts to make the week go a little more smoothly and save some time. I log 20-30 hours a week with WC, do the mom thing all but ten hours a week (when she's being miss bossy pants at MDO), and still have to scrub a toilet or two before I consider my duties done. Our current situation has my days feeling nice and full, but not insane and I'm on a mission to keep that level of balance as much as possible.

Enter the shortcuts.

1. Amazon Prime

Obvious, but seriously. I can waste many hours (and dollars) in Target because I went in for toilet paper. Often, I walk out without the tp and am out a hundred dollars for no good reason. So.

I recently started ordering just about anything I can from Amazon. The special cookies I like? Yep. Toilet paper? Yep. Printer paper, disposal cleaning tablets, books, even socks for Liv? Yep.

It's such a time saver and I could probably buy an island with what I haven't spent at Target. 

2. A Lazy Laundry System

I know I'm not the only one who despises laundry. It's one of those necessary evils in life and I'm constantly thinking "oh crap, Ryan's going to wake up and have no clothes for work tomorrow". Often times I'm not more than a day ahead of where I need to be, but I've got it somewhat streamlined. The washing and drying aren't the hard part, but folding the mountain of laundry we go through (how?? we're only 2.5 people!!) can be a total time suck. So those little drawers under the table? That's where our most worn items go if I don't have time to fully fold and put away.

Ryans' work shirts get hung up the second they come out of the dryer and the other essentials get put in these drawers where we know we can go grab underwear, socks, and a tutu for a trip to the grocery store. 

3. Food (kind of) Prep

I make dinner Monday thru Thursday and since Ryan's schedule can be a little unpredictable, I like things that are easy to toss together as soon as I get the text that he's on his way. I swear by veggie trays (we go through probably three of these a week) because I'm terrible about making the time to cut veggies and I pick one night a week to cook meat for the week. This week was ground turkey and ground beef which got turned into taco salads and cheeseburger quesadillas. 

Now I know that none of this is earth shattering, but when I feel like I'm not constantly racing around and falling behind, it makes me (and my people!) a lot happier. If you have time saving tricks, I'd love to hear them! I can always use the time to pick up Easter grass and eggs that I did a poor job of hiding....


  1. That salad looks great! And I love your laundry system!

  2. Love your laundry system! I am right there with you... we are TWO people and yet we have mountains of laundry. By the weekend, when we finally can catch up on household chores, it just takes an entire day to get it done.

  3. The Easter eggs ad grass - it looks a lot like my living room these days. Where can you hid things from little people?! They find and get into everything! And I'm with you on the laundry thing. Washing and drying is no problem. Folding and putting the clothes away? Uh, it takes at least a week. Why?! I had a great system down, but then life happened and I haven't seemed to be able to get back into a good laundry system routine. I do like your table for your laundry baskets, much nicer than the floor which is where our is currently piled. Love how you do food prep. I try to do that, but it doesn't always happen. You are on top of your game, Lady! :)

  4. Food prep is so important for me too. If I don't do it on Sunday I get all thrown off for the rest of the week. And I love your laundry idea!


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