Crockpot Mac & Cheese

Sundays this time of year are synonymous with crock pot meals to me. I love to have something cooking all day that's ready when we are and makes the house smell fabulous while we putter, watch football, or just generally laze about. I also like meals that are easy, fast, and preferably contain cheese. Fortunately there are a whole slew of crock pot meals that meet all of those requirements and I whipped up one of them this weekend.

This recipe was stolen from my friend Becky who found it here. It was a snap to put together and simmered while I cleaned our pantry, Ryan golfed, and Olivia just generally trashed the house and decorated pumpkins with stickers. It was in the 60s in Houston which made it just about the perfect fall day once you threw in football and creamy, delicious mac and cheese.

image recycled from my Instagram (@willowcrowns)

It was a huge hit with the hubs and the kiddo (not as easy to do as you'd think) and we'll be eating it for the next two days. Darn.

Oh, and if you want to get fancy like I thought about doing, I bet some lump crab meat or lobster tossed in here wouldn't be terrible. In fact, I bet it'd be downright delicious and I'll probably make a grocery run tomorrow so we can spice up the leftovers.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Oooh, that looks good!! Do you feel like it's too heavy though? If I cut back on the cream cheese and substituted skim milk for evaporated do you think it would be still be good?


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