You ever have one of those weeks where you feel like it's stupid screw up after stupid screw up? 

We're all about those over here and I'm racking 'em up left and right.

I went over our data plan this month. For the third month in a row. My husband is straight up going to kill me. I've turned off my push notifications, made sure my wifi is on, and even committed to learn how to operate the GPS in my car as opposed to on my phone. I need help.

I lost our mail key. This means they put our mail on hold (deliver it straight to the post office) for two weeks until they change our lock and give us new keys. The best part? I still have a Massachusetts ID after two years in Texas (because I'm lazy and there's an issue with a lost social security card) so I can't even pick up our mail at the post office. Sorry, water bill. Even more sorry, new dress. 

Those are just a couple of my most shining moments this week. On the plus side, O and I made our way to the cupcake ATM way across town the other day for sustenance and her taste in cupcakes kicks the you know what out of mine. I tried to dial back the calories and go for the sugar free version of my favorite (red velvet) while she went for straight up strawberry. I was left regretting my decision, begging my two year old for a taste. These are proud moments for me.

As for the rest of the week? I've considered just shutting myself in the house to avoid dumb mistakes, but I'll probably get hungry. I'll want coffee. We'll run out of toilet paper. You know.


  1. I've been going over my data for the past 2 months and I'm sure this coming month too. So bad. My husband gets so mad! Haha. I looked into upping mu data plan but really that would cost a WHOLE lot more so I told him that paying the extra $10 a month is really cheaper. I'm saving him money. He didn't buy it. LOL!

  2. The post office *should* give you your mail if you have a copy of your utility bill or a mortgage statement. We had to have our locks changed recently too and my license does not have our current address on it ;)

  3. Bless your Momma heart! Saturday morning crepes are right around the corner! You'll make it! I promise! :)

  4. Per Data Plan.....

    You need to go into every single app you have, its kind of a pain but go into the settings and slide the little green button over to right towards "use cellular data" OFF - I was going over every single month without fail, WHO SAYS checking instagram 436,875,135,245, and hour is wrong, sheesh SUE ME!!!!!!!!! And YES I'm still on Family Plan, SUE ME AGAIN! :)

    Settings > Each App you use > Turn Cellular Data OFF

    I have not gone over cellular data once, since I did this. And I still use my cellular data for Instagram and Facebook when I don't have wifi and STILL have not gone over! Let me know if you have any questions!!!

  5. Oh her curls are so gorgeous. Going over data is the wooooooorst. So expensive!

  6. You are not alone when it comes to switching your ID to your new state of residence. It always takes me forever to switch after we make a move!

    At least you got some some cupcakes? :)


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