Pumpkin Bread for the Domestically Challenged

I love the smell of fall spices on a weekend afternoon. Lazy days with football playing in the background, kiddos napping (and mom and dad napping), and a treat fresh from the oven when we all wake up.

That normally doesn't happen around here. 

I rely mostly on candles for the seasonal scent and if I want a pastry it probably comes from Dunkin' Donuts. Once in a while, though, the baking bug bites and I pull out my not so secret, found on Pinterest, three ingredient, pumpkin chip bread recipe.

Cake mix. Pumpkin. Chocolate chips.

That's it. 

Blend it, bake it at 350 until a toothpick comes out clean, and you're done!

You can get all fancy and add some cinnamon or nutmeg if you want. I don't, but go nuts if you feel so inclined.

I made four mini loaves and then delivered three of them to some friends since we have no business eating four loaves of chocolate laden bread. Or four loaves of any kind of bread period.

I feel my domestic urges have been sufficiently satisfied for at least the next week and I fully expect to barely keep up with laundry this week, use baby wipes for a lot of our household cleaning, and find a week old fruit snack (or twelve) in the couch next time I sit down. 


  1. oh that looks delicious! 3 ingredients? Sold.
    dusting with baby wipes, for the win! And for once I would love not to find gold fish in all sorts of places they don't belong hah :)

  2. I'm embarrassed to say... I use baby wipes all too often for cleaning! But they work so well...

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  4. 3 ingredients.... Um, you are speaking to my soul on that one!

  5. Well this is right up my easy recipe alley! I am definitely going to try this!

  6. So simple yet seems so delicious! We might deliver some to our neighbors!

  7. Ha! I used baby wipes yesterday to do some light dusting (i.e. first time dusting in a long time) Love that loaf tray! Way easier to share - I might just have to bake some of this!

  8. I don't know this recipe, but now that I do, I am trying it! Looks so delicious!


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