So I know I got all enthusiastic about it being Fall and all, but this weekend's heat and humidity has put me firmly in my place. It's not Fall, it's Fummer.

That time of year where sure, it's starting to cool off (80's instead of 100's which I'll take), and I'm officially sick of my Summer wardrobe and pretty anxious to break out the Fall stuff. That time of year where it's still freaking hot. So hot and humid in fact, that the prospect of wearing my hair down downright scares me. 

While I'd like to bravely (and basically) protest and wear my sweaters, my common sense and desire not to sweat to death prevail. So this weekend I did a few of the things that help me mentally make the transition to Fall while awaiting the arrival of cooler weather.

I cleaned. 

I like to do a big wardrobe purge every season ideally, but it most realistically happens at the beginning of September. I sorted through Olivia's stuff, making room for all the 3T things we'll need to purchase because the girl got tall over the Summer and almost nothing fits. I'm keeping lots of her little dresses as sweet tunics to be worn with leggings but almost everything else got the boot. 

I went through everything I didn't wear this Summer and donated it, along with shoes and bags that I just don't love anymore. I'll confess that my collection of nude flats (and nude shoes in general) is downright embarrassing, so something had to be done about that.

I polished.

I love a pale pink or bright, fun color during the warmer months, but I sure do love my grays, navys, and burgundies September through March. I wish I knew the name of the polish (when are they going to start naming all the gel polishes?!), but this light gray was a perfect transitional color.

I ate. And cooked.

We travel so much during the Summer that my already sub par cooking tendencies really take a hit. During the Fall and Winter months though, we're home watching football (so eating out less) and I'm more apt to hit up Pinterest for a great dip recipe or make some chili. This weekend I made manicotti and ate every honey crisp apple I could find.

I lit candles.

I love, love, love a good Fall candle. My absolute favorite (even more than Anthropologie's Volcano) is Target's Blonde Woods and Musk. It's like Fall in a bowl and I have three (yes, three) spares in my pantry for when the one I'm burning 24/7 (not at bedtime, just exaggerating) burns out. 

Within the next month or so, the weather will get its act together and Houston will enjoy a lovely Fall and Winter without having to deal with the snow and prolonged cold (you win some!), but until then, I'm embracing Fummer the best I can!

I'm hoping to do a roundup later this week or maybe next of some of my favorite transitional wardrobe pieces, so stay tuned for some rockin' selfies!


  1. Sounds like a great way to spend the last weekend of summer and welcome fummer :). While we should get some cooler temps soon, we are still on the 80-90s here in NJ and I'm totally over it! I want to wear pants and possibly even a scarf! I want to be able to go outside and not sweat! And boy are you making me want manicotti!

  2. Girl, you know cool weather isn't likely to hit Houston till the middle of November! What're you thinkin'?

  3. It's definitely fummer around here too! I am itching to get into my newly purchased fall pieces but the weather just isn't allowing it. I read this article re: fall recently and just about fell off of my chair laughing. And since I know you're originally a Northerner, I'm sure you can appreciate both sides!! https://www.scarymommy.com/an-open-letter-to-people-who-cant-stop-talking-about-fall-and-everything-pumpkin/

  4. I'm impressed you purge your closet that often! That is something I always intend to do but never actually get around to doing. And yes to all the honey crip apples!


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