From Mom Duty to Margaritas

I had a really fun dinner with some of my favorite moms last night and can definitely say it doesn't happen enough! We got Mexican, margaritas, and enjoyed several hours of adult conversation and the sharing of birth stories (why does this inevitably always happen?!). 

While I did wear jeggings with an elastic waistband, I managed to throw on some heels, actual lipstick, and maybe even a statement necklace. That's where my effort stopped though. We had a pretty busy day yesterday and I just knew I wouldn't have the time/inclination to do a makeup reapplication, especially since I couldn't even use the ladies room without company. Fortunately, I've got a few tricks up my tattered sleeve to help my morning makeup application last throughout the day so that only a few minor tweaks are needed to transition my look from mom chic to slightly more mom chic.

The best place to start is with that little miracle in a tub called Hangover Rx by Too Faced. It takes tired, dull skin and gives it a little pick me up while simultaneously making your foundation stick. If I'm going to take the time to use the darn Beauty Blender and properly apply foundation instead of just smearing it on with my hands, I want that stuff to last.

Next up is the Ben Nye Banana Powder. I'm not sure what magical powers this possesses, but I don't care. When I'm totally finished with my makeup, I dust this miracle dust on my face with a blush brush from Ulta. From hairline to double chins, this locks it all. Shadow won't budge, blush stays put, and it keeps all that effort from creasing and looking crazy.

For finishing touches I reach for a little bit of lip color in the form of my favorite lipstick ever. The Julianne pink from L'Oreal is the most flattering (for me) pink I've ever found and it's a smooth, almost glossy lipstick instead of being too matte or cakey. I don't wear it a lot during the day so it's the perfect finishing touch without being too much.

Lastly, the Tarte Showstopper palate is always handy to add a smudge of extra shadow/liner under my lower lash line or to make my cheekbones look like they exist with a dash of highlighter. 

It takes a little more than the five minutes I normally give myself beauty wise to get ready for girls night, so I'm grateful for some tools that make my efforts last through all the tales of epidurals, c-sections, pregnancy weight gain, and multiples margaritas. 


  1. Oh, I'm pretty sure I need to get some of that Hangover Rx on my face right now. I've seen it before but never knew if would be worth the money. I'm glad to hear that you like it, maybe next time I'm out I'll have to grab some to give it a try ... anything to help this tired mama face I sport from day to day. Glad you got to have some girl time too! And how it is that birth stories are always talked about, I will never know; but it seems to be so true!

  2. That shade of lipstick is so pretty! I may have to hunt it down next time I'm makeup shopping!

  3. Where do you buy adult jeggings with an elastic waist band? Sounds like heaven!!


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