From the Camera Roll

While I have an insane number of photos on my phone, most of them are honestly imported from my digital camera (thanks to the amazing bluetooth SD card that allows you to send the photos right to your camera roll!). I hardly use my iPhone for photos anymore, mostly just to snap screenshots of funny memes on Instagram and send them to friends. My "real" camera is always around the house, so it's easy to grab and I'm just so much happier with the quality of the photos that my iPhone takes a back seat more and more. 


I do still use it occasionally, and find the moments I capture on it are often the most spontaneous, and often the most special. I have a few from this Summer I haven't 'grammed or blogged (hard to believe I haven't spammed you with every photo in my possession, I know!) that I thought I'd toss up on the 'ol blog today since a weekend recap just wasn't in the cards (we've been so. boring.). 

Back when we were in Maine, Ryan and I got to spend some time sans toddler. Granted, we talked about her interminably, but we had a few actual dates, including breakfast. Breakfast dates have always been our favorite and are how we started dating. We like to find tiny little dive restaurants (they always have the best, best coffee), order the same thing no matter where we are (egg white omelet and wheat toast with extra strawberry jelly for me and blueberry pancakes for him), and talk. It's one of my very favorite things and I hope we'll keep it up until we're old and have to shout at each other across the table.

Two sure signs (for me) that cooler temps are on the way. Gray nails and a chic black cross body bag. I love this small little staple from Madewell and you know I'm a sucker for a monogram. 

Fun balloon leftover after a Cuteheads shoot with Cake & Confetti and Snapshots and My Thoughts. It will surprise no body that trying to wrangle 5 toddlers is pretty much just like herding cats, but we attempted and had fun in the process.

Oh, my love. She's so fun these days. I'm NOT going to jinx myself and say that I think we're maybe growing out of the terrible twos, but....

Her hair. Ok? For a little girl who was bald until she was 18 months old, she's really made up for lost time. The curls, color, and texture are identical to mine when I was young and it (stupidly) makes me happy. She's always favored Ryan and I selfishly like to see some evidence of that. Evidence that isn't stretch marks.

From our first trip to Maine this Summer. My dad is a really keen fisherman and my sister and I both know how to bait a hook, even though I'll be fine if I never have to do it again. He's wasted no time in passing on his love for fishing to Olivia.

Pictures of pink peonies aren't as basic when they come from your mom's garden. Right?

Did you guys know I stage most of my Instagram content? Shocking, I know. Really though, Instagram is both a peek into my life as well as advertising for WC and I like for it to be just right. This photo though wasn't staged though, and just captured an early morning in the studio before Liv woke up. I really love those times when I can hear myself think and really appreciate how far WC has come. I never thought I'd find a job that not only matched my former income, but that allowed me to stay home with my daughter, set my own schedule, and use my creativity. It's kind of a pinch me moment.

An extra fancy spa sandal selfie with my sister two days before her wedding. I love this photo because every time I see it, I remember how I neglected to put my shirt in the locker before we went to our massages and it was gone when I came back. I left the spa topless under a jacket, while my sister laughed so hard she nearly peed. Totally typical of our time together.


  1. Oh I love this! I have so (so!) many pictures on my camera roll that never make the gram or the blog too that I need to share!
    And breakfast dates? My FAVE too! Breakfast is definitely my favorite meal of the day and I wish we went out to eat more (because going out to eat is so much more fun that eating cereal)!

  2. I love breakfast dates too! They are such a nice change up from the typical dinner dates :)
    That spa story is too funny!! xx Em beauty blether

  3. Replies
    1. Yes I was just going to post the same question...we are looking to buy a new one.

    2. We have a Canon Rebel t1i and I love it!


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