Best Friend Week

It seems like the theme of my life sometimes is "long distance". We live 2200 miles from all our family and even my best friend lives across the country! Thanks to technology and an astronomical cell phone plan (I'm always going over data....always), it's totally doable and most of the time, it doesn't bother me.

Once it a while though, you just need some real face time with your bestie and last week Steph and I made it happen in Maine of all places. It was fantastic.

Before we go there, though. Have we told you guys about how we met (I feel like this is how people talk about their spouse, but whatever)? It's funny how many people I've met through blogging, but Stephanie is the best example. 

The Fall after we moved to Texas I started blogging which helped me stumble across a blog called Newlyweds North. After a week or so of reading I realized "hey! this girl lives in Maine!". After another week or so I realized "HEY! This girl lives in Bangor!". So in true sketch form, I promptly sent her an email telling her how I was from the Bangor area and how much I was enjoying reading about her time there (at a time when I was crazily homesick), and how she was a better Mainer than I had ever been. She wrote back and a casual correspondence was born. When I was home over Christmas she asked if I wanted to grab coffee at the one and only Starbucks in town (twist my arm) and when we got up to leave, four hours had passed. The rest is history. 

With her bouncing up and down the East coast and my living in Texas, it's not always been easy to get together. She's made a couple trips to our house and a trip to Greenville is on my itinerary, but time together in Maine (where it all began) is scarce. So we had a checklist of things to do while we were together and it was mostly food related. So sue us. 

Oh, and for two people who spend an asinine amount of time photographing, staging, and photographing things some more, we have a shocking lack of photos from all of our time spent together. At least photos I'm willing to post online. I have one great snap of her drying her hair in a towel but posting those things are friendship ending and we all know it. Photos of each others kids? Well we have buckets of those. We don't take pictures of our food since we're so busy inhaling it, and we don't have photos together unless they're WC related. I got this selfie, which gets blog publish approval since we both have "skinny chin" going on, which is no easy feat after a 3 day restaurant bender.

We loved on each other's babies (Olivia is very familiar with "Miss Nee" thanks to FaceTime), ate most of the lobster and fried fish in the state of Maine, got our Target on (we can't be stopped, it just makes us happy), watched bad reality tv, got some actual work done, and double dated with the husbands. I have the sweetest video of Gray figuring out that he's watching himself on camera that's getting me through missing him now that we're back in our respective places and since WC has a launch tomorrow, we'll talk about 23 out of the next 24 hours.

So there you have it. A not so interesting tale of two long distance friends and the love of calories that keeps them together.


  1. Oh that is so cute! You can make some of the best friends through blogging! I have yet to meet any of mine face to face though. Lol

  2. G watches that video of himself My fave part is when I say "give Miss Megan a kiss" and he kisses himself on the screen instead........

  3. Y'all are the cutest!!!!

  4. You guys are too cute! I wish I could meet up with all my blogger buds (why do I feel like so few are in CA?) COME VISIT!!

  5. Aww! You guys are so cute!! And love the "skinny chin"!! Haha!!

  6. I hope your trip to Greenville is in the near future! Y'all are too cute!


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