A Quick Little DIY

Pretty much since we moved in we've had some aqua accents in our living room. Some candlesticks here, pillows there, you know. 

As the room nears completion (after two long years!) I've decided I really don't love the aqua. The walls are sort of a pale sage green and I'm not really sure what I was thinking, they don't really go well together. 

So the pillows get the boot to the guest room for now, and I decided kind of spur of the moment to give the aqua candlesticks on the mantle a little refresh. I figure metallics are a good place to start since I consider them a neutral, and I've always got cans of metallic spray paint laying around. They're perfect for impulsive decor decisions.

The candle sticks are from Hobby Lobby and I really love their kind of funky shape and that they're substantial enough to flank the TV without looking puny, so I was glad to easily spruce them up and keep them in the space!



Ta da! Probably not worthy of a dedicated post, but that's never stopped me before!


  1. They look great! I really should use spray paint more often!

  2. They look great! I painted a few things aqua and then we painted our walls a blue/grey color and now none of the pieces work... I've been looking for some inspiration/what to do to re-incorporate them into the room !

  3. Spray paint (especially gold!) has so many uses. Love this update girl!


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