A Little Bit of This...

Ready for random?

Great, that's what I'm serving up today!

1. It has been so, so nice to get back into a routine after our Summer travels. Nothing too predictable or boring, just regular enough to feel like my head isn't spinning. Groceries are bought regularly, kiddo started (and is loving) Mother's Day Out, and I've actually been getting some real work done. If we can squeeze a date night in some time next week, we'll be batting a thousand!

2. This link on long distance friendships gave me a chuckle or two. Courtesy of Steph. Number 9 is real. We have a tradition of me sending her the ugliest selfie I can on a launch day and she's going to be able to blackmail me reeeall good some day. 

3. Football is back! We don't watch college ball (sorry, so not Southern) but we love us some Patriots football. I never watched football prior to getting married, but soon realized I should get into it or I'd be very lonely on a lot of Sundays during the year. Dare I say I almost get the game? Maybe. Do I love the snacks and apparel? Totally.

4. I can. not. get enough stripes. I've bought at least three tops in the past couple of weeks with stripes and I'm not sure way, I'm just gravitating towards them. I'll link them next week. They're from Old Navy and if you've got super cash laying around, they're basically free.

5. I have  12,000 photos on my phone. Yikes. I managed to put about 10,000 of them on an external hard drive but have yet to free up the space on my phone. So lazy.

Our plans for this weekend?

Breaking in the new grill, hopefully fixing a small (huge) cosmetic blemish on the ceiling from a year ago (Ryan may have accidentally put a foot through the ceiling while running cable in the attic), and seeing how many public places we can grace with our presence while Olivia wears her new Belle costume, complete with hoop skirt.

Have a great one!


  1. I am the exact same way when it comes to backing up photos and then deleting them to free up space. It's really terrible and I need to get better about doing it!

    1. I swear by the external hard drive! They may still be taking up space on my phone but at least they're backed up, right?!

  2. Getting photos off my phone is my most dreaded activity. The worst. Happy football season! I'm pretty sure my husband has Tom Brady on his fantasy team meaning all of the Pats games will be gracing our TV.

  3. You crack me up! :)
    My bff and I are long distance too and I better stay on her good side because we have sent so many ugly selfies and ridiculous videos (mainly full of singing and dancing) over the years haha!
    I'm in the same situation with football - and I actually enjoy it now and understand (85%) of what is going on! Have a great week lady! xx
    beauty blether


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