5 Things I Almost Never Do

1. Blow Dry My Hair

Between the length and sheer number of hairs on my head, blow drying takes forever. I just don't have the patience (a recurring theme in my life), so I always wash it at night, sleep on it wet, and pray my cowlick can be curled, combed, or otherwise tamed in the morning. If all else fails, braid the damn thing.


- Something fancy where I can't take the risk of having unruly hair.
- That's it.

2. Wear Sneakers With Jeans

I just can't bring myself to do it, it feels so 1980's mom style, which I'm obviously drawing from my own experience...love you, Mom!  Unless it's Converse with boyfriend jeans. Then it's stylish, right?

3. Make Phone Calls

If you call my phone and get sent straight to voicemail, don't take it personally. Unless it's my mom, my grandmothers, or a call from Stephanie that I know is work related, I won't answer. Just text me.

4. Order Something New

No matter how many times we go someplace, I order the same thing. Call it boring, call it consistent, call it OCD, whatever. When we get Mexican, it's always fajitas. If it's BBQ, lean brisket and three bean salad. Chick Fil A? Grilled nuggets with Chik Fil A Sauce and a Diet Dr. Pepper.

What can I say? I like what I like.

5. Watch Live TV

The only reason, or reasons, we even have cable are:

- Disney Jr. is my savior
- Football season

Other than that, I don't watch any of my shows live. I love crime dramas no matter how many nightmares they give me, but those are all viewed on Netflix or Hulu. The Mindy Project is probably my favorite but I own the season on Amazon Instant Video and watch them there, especially when we're flying.

Now I'm starting to see why I'm always over my data plan.

Just kidding, I knew why.


  1. I hardly ever blow dry my hair, too. And I really should. #lazy

  2. I hate talking on the phone too! I don't know what it is, but there's something about it. I'd much rather email (at work) or text (a friend).

  3. amen to all of this. especially the never blow drying your hair. aint nobody got time for that when you have thick hair. hairstylists get this bored FML look on their face about 5 mins after taking a blow dryer to my head and realizing how long the process is going to take.
    and netflix is a godsend. i almost made it through rewatching every episode of greys anatomy while on maternity leave

  4. I'm not a phone talker either! I'd much rather spend 20 minutes texting over something that would have taken 2 minutes on the phone. ha!

  5. the only live tv i watch is the news -- everything else is on dvr or hulu!! love love skipping those commericals :) xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  6. I do not like blow drying my hair either!!! although I might be more frequently since I just got over 9 inches chopped off (wasn't supposed to be quite so much, long story). I just picked up bumble & bumbles don't blow it air styler than you can put in wet hair, let it air dry or sleep on it and it is supposed to make it look much tamer and have some shape versus lots of kinks and frizz. I'll be trying it soon. Fav4 Hair also has a similar product I've heard good things about!

  7. It's like you're my twin. Except a taller, blue-eyed, blonde version! ;) My husband hates when I order the SAME thing EVERY time. I like what I like, plus I have a fear of ordering something new and hating it. Because let's be honest, I'm hungry all the time, so if I get food I don't like that'll turn into hangry and that's just not good for anyone.

  8. Never do I ever blow dry. And what is live TV? Live TV for me is when I am watching something from my DVR that by chance may only be halfway done recording haha.

  9. I hear you on the blow drying, it's so much easier and better to let it dry naturally. Unfortunately for me, I can't just wash and go, It still takes me 10-15ish minutes to style it in the morning.

    I also totally agree with number two, running shoes are should only be worn with workout gear in my opinion!

  10. I could have written this post. Yes. To all of it.

  11. Blow drying hair is for the BIRDS! Seriously takes so long and that damn contraption is so loud. I am positive we could hang out all day!


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