Weekend Wrap Up

Hey Friends!

I'm just getting in from weeding the front flower beds (only made it about half way through, thanks to the mosquitos) because it's so blazing hot here that late in the evening or early mornings are the best times for yard work! This weekend was super productive for us and I'm glad to have checked a few things off our interminable house project list.

Ryan put a leg through the ceiling while running some wiring up through the attic and it's in a really inconvenient spot to repair so we've been living with a quick patch job for a long time. He finished that off this weekend as well as a couple small jobs in Olivia's room. We also got the garage cleaned out (has to be done every once in a while, right?), I started yet another pantry purge, and sorted through all of Liv's clothes that she's recently outgrown. She insisted they all still fit and tried to cram herself into them to prove it to me. Most said phrase of the weekend? "I'm stuck!".

 So, phew, a busy and fast weekend for us!

I did manage to sneak in a trip to Anthropologie for some new curtain tie backs for Olivia's room (I love how these go with the very subtle nautical tilt we have going on in there) and scooped up a little weekly planner for the WC studio and my favorite shirt that was on clearance in a color I didn't have yet.

I also snagged these adorable and super dainty infinity earrings - they'll be my new daily go to for a while! I'm smitten with Anthropologie anyways, but I especially love their collection of tiny earrings.

We spent some time cooling off in the pool with the kiddo, eating guacamole, and drinking lots of water to beat the heat (love this customized House of Jars tumbler).  I finally  gave up on my hair and just threw it into a big 'ol side braid.

p.s. if you like to look like a bug and rock some majorly big sunglasses - scoot your little selves right on over to Amazon and snag these. They used to be only $5 but they've hiked the prices recently. It's still a good deal though, two day shipping and taking up all the space on your face for the low low price of $10!

I hope you all had a great weekend and are soaking up every minute of Summer! I can't believe August is here already and know it's going to blow by way too quickly.


  1. Ok, those sunglasses...I'm sold. I need the clear frames like now!

  2. I am eternally grateful that there is not an Anthropologie closer than 40 miles to me. Otherwise, my marriage might suffer some great strain from the clear lack of self-control/budgeting I'd have by being any closer than we are to that store:)

  3. Your braids are always so perfect!! Also, that Willow Crowns tumblr is so adorable!


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