Product PSA

Hey, friends!

Just popping my head in with a little PSA about a product I just had to tell you all about! Let me just start by saying this is #notsponsored. I just genuinely love to dish about good beauty finds with you ladies and totally stumbled upon a gem this week!

I wandered into Ulta a few days ago since my Hot Tools curling iron bit the dust and the Target replacement I thought I could get away with wasn't cutting it. By the way, going to shop for beauty products with a toddler is one of the dumber things I've done recently. Lesson learned.

I guess I was looking a little rough (baseball hat on top of third day hair), because no fewer than three people tried really hard to help me and I swear I could hear them thinking "oh bless her heart, she's never been in a make up store before". Anyway.

I grabbed the new curling iron, restocked my favorite Living Proof Shampo (clearly much needed), and then saw this little guy hanging out on the display shelf.

I was totally intrigued by the promise that it could improve the appearance of my skin while also making my hastily applied makeup last longer. So I bit.

Here's the deal...this stuff is awesome. The packaging, the pump dispenser, and the lightweight formula are all fantastic.

My makeup (I've tried both BB Cream and full coverage foundation) goes on more smoothly, definitely stays put, and shine is minimized, even in this suffocating heat. The best part? It actually makes my skin look better with makeup on. It helps with that "glow-y" quality and my skin looked hydrated. Since I'm terrible about getting lots of sleep (Instagram is so much more interesting) and drinking lots of water (Diet Dr. Pepper is so much more delicious), I need some help in the skin department from time to time and this is officially part of my rotation.


  1. I love for Living Proof hair products...they are seriously amazing and the Perfect Hair Day shampoo has been a life saver! I'm pretty excited about you sharing this face primer. I have the WORST oily skin, and I am constantly searching for the right primer before putting on even the lightest foundation. Can't wait to try it!

  2. I love reading about new products. I am in my 30s and still have the skin of a 16 year old (no, not wrinkle free...dreaded adult acne, ugh!). I love to read about any product that will make my skin look nicer ;)


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