Packing for Maine

We're headed to the 207 (yes the entire state has the same area code) in just over 48 hours for a two week vacation/my baby sister's wedding and I spent a good portion of the day doing a million (yes, exactly a million) loads of laundry and starting the whole packing process.

I thought, in my egotistical small time blogger way, that you might enjoy seeing what I pack for a two week trip to the great white North. It was either that or another weekend recap, and really this is all you need to know.

 While I don't consider myself an expert packer, or even someone who's good at packing minimally, I like to think I'm a practical packer and don't go too over the top. This is super specific to a Maine Summer (warmish days and cool evenings) but is pretty consistent with my packing formula if you will.

So let's crack that suitcase open. 

There's still plenty of room in here for lounge pants, undies, and all the things you don't need to see, but this is the proof it all fits. I don't do carry ons much these days since a purse and a toddler kind of max me out in the carry on department, so I'm a big fan of checked bags and don't hesitate to fill 'em up.

First up, bottoms. I wear jeans for the flight usually, and pack my favorite two pairs of boyfriend shorts. They're both from Old Navy (white and distressed) and are super easy to make outfits with. 

I always, always pack a few of my favorite Piko tees because they're a breeze to throw on with shorts or jeans and are also great to sleep in. Multitasking, laziness, whatever you want to call it. 

I tossed my floppy Anthropologie hat in too because bad hair days are inevitable and I know too many people in my hometown to go out looking like I do here in the safety of my relative anonymity. 

Blouses and a button up also make the cut for times when I need to up the ante a smidge or have a date night with Ryan (we enjoy the you know what out of the free child care that is grandparents while we're home). 

Target Button Up | Anthro Maeve Blouse | Blue Blouse from Nordstrom Rack

Speaking of date night, I like to throw in a shift dress as an extra. It multitasks like nobody's business, perfect for grocery shopping with my mom, or with heels for a lobster roll with my honey. This heathered Target version is a new buy and I l-o-v-e. Oh yeah, and it's on sale for $13.

We'll probably go to the lake and while I won't swim much (I'm actually allergic to lake water which is about the lamest thing I've ever heard of), I'll wade in with O to make sand castles, catch tiny turtles, etc. and I'll only ever rely on my beloved La Blanca swimsuit when a maillot is a must. That plus a sweet monogrammed baseball cap for my pasty skin.

In the random items category we have wedges for date night, a jacket because it's gonna get cold, and a sweater because it's gonna get cold. Granted I'm a total wimp after two years of living on the sun, but it definitely gets chilly when the sun goes down and I'd rather be warm than freezing my whiny buns.

Old Navy Jacket | H&M Sweater  (old)| Lilly for Target Wedges

Finally (almost), let's talk bags. I usually bring a tote (often doubles as my carry on) and a small cross body for child free times. This Old Navy tote is sold out but there's a similar version here at Nordstrom (and under $50). The cross body is perfect for quick errands, dinners out, and fits in my suitcase no problem. Mine's from Nordstrom rack, but similar here

Shoes are simple, metallic sandals that go with everything and easy boat shoes because, well, it's Maine. 

If you made it through this whole thing, pour a glass of wine or a cup of coffee, whichever you're more comfortable with depending on the time of day you're reading. It sounds like a lot when you break it down,  but it's really just five shirts, a dress, two pairs of pants, and a jacket more or less. Yeah I'm going to cram about six cans of dry shampoo, a curling iron, and all the BB Creams in the world into there, but that seems excessive to cover today.

Hope you all had a great weekend and I'll write to you from Maine! 


  1. I'd consider the minimalistic packing for two weeks ;). I guess I really am an overpacker! Have an amazing time in Maine!

  2. Who makes the Target heathered dress? I love it!!!

  3. What about the wedding attire? Wishing you a safe and (as always) tantrum-free flight!

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